Dancehall Artist Popcaan Feels That The Ladies Of Dancehall Beefing Doesn’t Make Sense, “Come Check Popskull”

Drake Says Popcaan Has Signed to OVO Sound | ComplexPopcaan wants Shenseea, Spice, Marion Hall, and Jada Kingdom to stop beefing.

Over the past few days, there has been a ton of drama surrounding female dancehall artists. Fellow entertainer Popcaan would love to see an end to the issues. He has now issued an ultimatum of sorts that suggests that either the women calm down or be on the receiving end of some extra special loving from the “Only Man She Want” deejay. The deejay is a strong believer that the latter will help get the females relaxed and keep them away from unnecessary drama.

Popcaan chatted up a storm in between bites of the seafood dish he had prepared as he joked about how the women at the heart of the recent controversy were all sexually deprived.

The Unruly Boss, who was comfortable in his white merino, shorts, and loosely plaited hair, had time for all the mix-up and shenanigans. as he stated that he needed a question answered.

Live From JA: Popcaan Sets Tone For Dancehall Now And 'Forever' On New LP –  This Is Moscato Life“Me waa know if the woman dem eena dancehall a live worsa than the man dem a live? What the b***ocl**t a gwan?” Popcaan said. “Weh unnu a deal wid ? Is like unnu nah get the right kinda sex! Unnu too miserable man. Unnu need me eena unnu life. Unnu forward and link me and nuh bring nuh thong wid unnu. Come naked man! Come mek me teach unnu a lesson like Utech. Mek me gi unnu some therapy as unnu is a bit frustrated. Me waa call a meeting with all unnu but remember it’s a naked party.”

“Good morning to the world. Me deh yah a f**k up some seafood cuz you know me caa mek hungry kill me. Listen, me love all a unnu but unnu know me style. Me crazy plus tax but me a tell unnu sey all a d woman dem inna dancehall, me nuh like the bag a war. Look how unnu pretty and still waa fight. Unnu nuh fraid unnu crawb up unnu one a nedda pretty face?”

Drake Raps About Wanting Rihanna Back On Popcaan's New Album, TROUBLE! -  Urban IslandzSinging Dennis Brown’s ‘Stop the Fighting’, Popcaan was in the mood to play the devil’s advocate as he asked people to wake up the women to come on the Live and let all of them discuss what is happening. When someone reminded him that Lady Saw was now a Christian, he said that it did not matter and that he was willing to go “sort out” on the pulpit.

Last week, Minister Marion Hall took to social media to share her opinion on how current female dancehall artistes such as Jada Kingdom, Spice, and Shenseea were going down a path to self-destruction and that dancehall music is watered down and offered nothing new or entertaining.

Popcaan Responds To Rumored Drake Split - Urban IslandzThe three women have since react to Lady Saw and were joined by others, including Lady Ann, Tanya Stephens, and Macka Diamond, all of whom supported the women by saying that Lady had no authority to judge ‘slackness’ and that at the heart of it, she was not preaching from a place of love or concern but one that smacks of jealousy.

Source: Popcaan Calls Out Shenseea, Spice, Marion Hall For Beefing: “Come Check Popskull” – Urban Islandz

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