Nobody Wears Ankle Length Hair Like Shenseea

ShenseeaShenseea stuns on the beach staying true to her song “Dolly.”

Over the past week, the dancehall singer has been keeping her fans and followers entertained on social media with various posts of cute outfits and pictures of her rocking Savage X Fenty lingerie. Add to that a new hit song that is taking Jamaica by storm, and the ShenYeng leader’s name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

The “Trending Gyal” deejay has the internet talking once more after she shared a Tik Tok video showing off her split techniques in a thong bathing suit while at the beach. Shenseea flashes a seductive look before as she looks back at the camera before effortlessly dropping down into a full-blown split. She continues the show by slowly bouncing up and down, all while rocking extended nails. She paired the video to the song “Paradise” by Bazzi, which clearly indicates that she’s having the time of her life.

Shenseea Stuns On The Beach With Ankle Length Hair - Urban IslandzThe 13-second video has since been reposted on Twitter by users who could not deny the 25-year-old dancehall star’s beauty.

@Shenyeng so damn fine oh lawd!!!” one person said, while another complimented, “Girl u r looking sweet.”

There is no doubt that the camera is Shenseea’s friend. The “Pretty Little Thing” ambassador found herself in front of the lens once more when she posed, flicked, and frolicked along a picturesque beachside.

Shenseea stayed true to her dolly movement with hair touching her ankles. Her green swimsuit upped the ante with crystal elements that glimmered in the evening sky. She can check out the latest thirst trap from Shenseea below.

Earlier this month, the deejay proved she was not all beauty without talent when she dropped her first single for the new year, “Dolly,” on January 2.

“Mi Look Like A Dolly, Mi Look Like A Dolly/’Nuff Money Spent ‘pon Mi Body/ A ’nuff Mon Ah Dead Over Me/ If Yuh Waan Be A Dolly, Listen Mi,” she spits on the chorus of the song, which generally chides other women for being jealous of her beauty.

Despite the positive feedback the “Blessed” singer has received for the new single, her manager Romeich Major has been chiding the Jamaican audience that Shenseea has received more love and support internationally than in her home country.

shenseea Tumblr posts - Tumbral.comHis accusations came after Shenseea’s cover of Beyonce’s “1+1” garnered a range of harsh and negative comments from critics when it was reposted by Jamaican media platform ‘@thetropixs’ but gained a range of positive comments when it was reposted by international media platform ‘@theshaderoom.’

“This says a lot. I will just leave it here and you tell me the reason why our people, our friends, our family don’t support us like outsiders,” Romeich wrote.

Shenseea, on the other hand, has not addressed her manager’s assessment, as she continues to work hard while promoting her newest single and keeping her fans entertained. She did, however, clap back at critics who lashed out at her after she proudly claimed that no one could state that all her songs sound the same. The singer has taken to posting a variety of covers that showcase her vocal range.

Source: Shenseea Stuns On The Beach With Ankle Length Hair – Urban Islandz

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