Scammers Attempting To Scam Fans Out Of Cash, Creating Fake Bounty Killer Social Media Avatars 

Bounty Killer: Still cross. Still angry. Still miserable. | BuzzChristopher Townsend, attorney-at-law representing Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price, says he will be meeting with the dancehall deejay this morning to draft an official complaint to the Cybercrimes Unit about a series of impersonations and scamming the artiste has been contending with.

“We have advised our client to make a report of it to the Cybercrimes Unit because they have their own way of knowing the perpetrators. We will be meeting tomorrow morning (Monday) to discuss this,” he told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

In an official press release, Bounty Killer and his Manager Paul “Bankey” Giscombe noted that impostors have been attempting to scam unknowing fans out of cash.

“One particular user of the Facebook profile located at URL has purported to be the artiste, Bounty Killer, and has been allegedly trying to solicit money on the artiste/manager’s behalf. It has also been reported to us that the user has been utilising the phone number (876) 791-1689. We wish to advise you (the public) that this page is inauthentic and is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with the artiste/manager. We ask that this page, along with any other suspicious page that is located, be reported urgently and brought to our attention,” the release read in part.

VIDEO: Bounty Killer, I-Octane And More Shelling illumina - Urban IslandzBased on the reports his client has got so far, solicitors are requesting sums ranging from $200,000 to US$1,500, according to Townsend.

Additionally, he said perpetrators are in breach of several laws, for which they can face serious repercussions.

“They have offended the cyber crime legislation, the legislation dealing with scamming, and quite a number of other offences,” Townsend added.

Bounty Killer speaks out about mining in Jamaican community - Stabroek NewsHe is urging perpetrators to desist from the act, citing that they will be caught, regardless of their geographical location.

“Our Jamaican Cybercrimes Unit has connections and legal treaties governing these things in the US, Canada, England…so, if these persons are doing these activities abroad and think they will not be caught, they make a sad mistake,” he continued.

Source: Scammers get Bounty ‘cross’

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