Black Ryno & Jah Vinci Former Label Mates, Can’t Agree On Fee For A Collaboration With Each Other

Blak Ryno & Jah Vinci - Mi Feel A Way (England Town Riddim) Oct 2009 -  YouTubeThose persons who have been following the Vybz Kartel led “Gaza” from its days of being “Portmore Empire”, will know that Jah Vinci and Black Ryno were two of the group’s hottest artistes on the frontline, alongside Shawn Storm, Doza Medicine and Popcaan who came after.

The connection between Black Ryno and Jah Vinci, regardless of the falling outs that went on inside the “Gaza”, was very strong and that could be seen in the fact that the two entertainers had several songs together such as “Mi Feel A Way”, ” Fight Fi War” and others. Recently, however, there seems to have been a disruption in the relationship stemming from some things said by the “Thug Anthem” artiste on an Instagram live he did.

According to Ryno, he and Jah Vinci has been in the studio several times together to collaborate and it did not happen due to the “Heart Too Clean” singer leaving the studio however, Black Ryno says he accepted that as it is and showed no bad face.

Dancehall Deejay Blak Ryno Get Backlash For Faking Death To Promote Music -  Urban IslandzThe “Stinga” went on though, to explain that business is business and then dived into his confusion when he was turned down by the “World Singer”, even though he was offered $25,000 US dollars with Ryno further stating that Jah Vinci commented that he was not hot.

With that being said the “See You Again” artiste said that he went to the extreme to have this done based on the fact that he wanted it to happen but he understands that things and times have changed and so he does not have to wild himself up about it.

Jah Vinci drops the ball yet again with 'I Am the World Singer” EP |  British LinkzThe “Stinga” went on to state that Jah Vinci still cannot go wrong in his books and is still his singer but it seems the “You Alone” artiste might have just taken offence to Ryno’s comments as he made a post on his Instagram not long after the other entertainer’s live, showing him and Jafrass, with a caption stating “When yu si mi just avoid mi!!!”, which is some lyrics from their latest song.

Could this mean that Black Ryno and Jah Vinci are not good? Or did the “World Singer” just make the post to promote the song? We will just have to wait and find out.

Source: Black Ryno And Jah Vinci Fall Out Over Collaboration – YARDHYPE

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