Dexta Daps And Dovey Magnum Flirt On I.G.

An immigration issue, not a criminal case', Dovey Magnum's manager  clarifies arrest | Entertainment | Jamaica StarDexta Daps and Dovey Magnum have more than a raunchy music catalogue in common. The king and queen of sexy dancehall music also go toe-to-toe when it comes to flirty antics on social media which they displayed in an unrestrained Instagram Live today.

Daps was kicking it with fans on Instagram Live when he asked who his next collaborator should be. Magnum’s name was mentioned several times which excited Daps.

“Jesus,” he repeated in a dramatic tone upon saying her name. “A which part Dovey deh? Unno send fi Dovey, send her over yah.”

Dexta Daps released from jail.After a few tags, Magnum entered the chat with eggplant gifts.

“A wah day mi see she a keep up some f**kery pan me enuh,” Daps said in reference to Magnum recently speaking of him in a sexual way. “Yuh see true mi nuh loud, mi seh, ‘Yuh see you girl child, a gwine get to you. If I don’t get to you, I gwine get under yuh draws. If I don’t get under your draws, a gwine get under your skin’.”

Magnum soon joined the Live but was noticeably off-screen.

“Hold on, mi a put on mi panty,” the provoking artist said.

Daps flipped the card.

“Hey gyal, a bathroom yuh deh a call bad man?”

He asked her to call back when she was finished doing the number two. Magnum laughed it off and appeared on camera, upon which they gave each other sexual names too risqué for this story.

“Why yaa spread mi name all over the world fah?” Daps asked.

“Yuh know mi love yuh,” she said. “Yuh know mi nuh mean it nuh way.”

Before they could get down to collaboration business, Daps’ wifi signal grew weak and the Live ended. Their conversation didn’t, however, as Magnum posted a screenshot from her DM with him sending her a kissy face.

“Ok be safe 💋💋💋,” she wrote. He responded with the eggplant and she responded with the tongue emoji which he liked. Her caption was even more provocative.

“Always wanna throw his emoji 🍆 in my throat. If a boy naw text mi suh mi naw run nuh front.”

Before Magnum’s name was mentioned, several users also suggested a Jada Kingdom collaboration which Kingdom also requested in the past.

Source: Dexta Daps and Dovey Magnum flirt on Instagram | Buzz

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