Dancehall Artist Tifa Looking To Return To The Big Stage & Perform In Front Of Her Fans

Tifa Turns up the Summer with JA Party - The TropixsDancehall and reggae artist Tifa is contemplating a return to the stage.

The entertainer has been operating her Florida-based Dulcie’s Jamaican & Everything restaurant since earlier this year but misses her other hat as a live performer.

She reminisced on this in an Instagram post on Tuesday morning which showed her performing Matie Wine to a responsive crowd at Dovey Magnum’s 2018 birthday concert.

“I think I miss this!” she wrote. “Should I go back out on the stage??? Should I be ‘T.I.F.A.’ again????”

Her fans immediately encouraged her return.

“Most definitely,” one user said. “Always was one of the baddest. Born yuh born fi dweet.”

“Tek it on Tifa, u have the lion log/catalog to do it.”

Tifa headlines the first Dancehall event at The Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver,  Canada - The Tropixs“Mi a wonder why u stopped being T.I.F.A in the first damn place.”

“Definitely need you outchea sis.”

“YESSSSS I’ll be front n center.”

“What are you waiting on?”

Another added, “Yes, we miss you.”

Tifa also posted the question as a poll in her Instagram Story which attracted a positive response of more than 90 per cent.

Her question comes after a four-year waltz with retirement. Tifa had announced in 2017 that she was going to retire from the music business after a tough year which included a court case and personal trials.

Gal Yuh a Lead: Watch Tifa's "Hold On" Video - LargeUpDespite the announcement, she rolled out her Curry & Champagne debut album in 2018 which included the intro track, Retirement. At the time, she said she was still toying with the idea of leaving the music business. Since then, Tifa has dropped new tunes here and there with accompanying music videos but her engagement has been pretty low. Her latest project, Karma, premiered last month and has received under 3000 views on Youtube. Her previous video, Love Triangle, debuted three months ago and has been viewed less than 4000 times.

Low numbers or not, Tifa’s hit catalogue, creative visuals, and stage craft are undeniable. With hits like Spell it Out, high-quality videos like Bak it Up, and well-produced performances like basically every Reggae Sumfest set she’s ever done, she’ll always have an audience to return to.

Source: Tifa contemplating a return to the stage | Buzz

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