Both Buju & Spragga Seemed To Be Censored On IG Due To Their Anti-Vaccination Post

Spragga Benz, Buju Banton Blast Jamaican Government's COVID Inoculation  Plans – DancehallMagBuju Banton and Spragga Benz have been criticizing the Government’s Global vaccination efforts and containment for over a year. Spragga has over 223,000 followers on Instargram and he shared a screenshot of a follower who could not tag him no matter how hard the person tried. This made it obvious that the social media platform is on his case.

The fan tried to mention Spragga on Buju’s live on Independence day, when Buju did a fiery tirade and said Jamaicans are ‘In de pen’. See Spragga’s most recent post online below.

The 48-year-old Grammy Award Winning artiste said he wondered what kind of independence his people had. He believes they are too passive and he thinks there is a media blackout on the island, and only Sunshine radio was brave enough to highlight the pressing issues that should be discussed at this time.

Buju believes only the content that will distract and dumb down the people is coming out. He opposes the COVID-19 protocols and wants to see an end to the wearing of masks and the restrictions so that those who are able to live will live and those who not strong enough will die.

We have been betrayed by the government, the media and entertainers who we should be able to trust, he revealed. He also said he sees destruction coming and he wants the people to find out what is really taking place in the world.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These Spragga Benz Songs! | Hot97After he expected quarantining to last for 2 weeks, it has not ended after almost 18 months and the people in Jamaica are not even complaining. The Gargamel called on the real men to stand up and save their rounds because they might be needed later.

His video got over 206,000 views on IG and comments were written on it by Stefflon Don and other well-known people. However, most Jamaican’s were celebrating, due to the dominance of the Jamaican track stars during the Tokyo Olympics and did not take much to what the Gargamel had to say.

Buju Banton - Hills and valleys | LIVE Long Walk to Freedom CONCERT 2019 -  YouTubeA few Days ago, Buju whose given name is Mark Myrie, made a post about the information given in the media about the many COVID variants and when they would be released to the media. He said the media was playing the people.

Buju’s post was flagged shortly after publishing because the social platform believes he was using his Instagram profile to mislead his over 1.3 million followers. Many persons online are of the view that the veteran artiste is spreading false information and conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

See the flagged post below.

One person said “how long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look.” Others were glad that the post was flagged and said they didn’t want to see any more of these posts from Buju. They celebrated when they saw what was happening.

One person said Government has consistently lied to citizens and there are things about the handling of the pandemic that is not right.

Source: Buju Censored and Spragga Benz Shadow Banned For Anti-Vaccination Posts |

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