Shenseea Being Accused Of Buying Views For ‘Run Run’, Hits 1 Million Views In 12 hours In Less Than A Day

All Of Shenseea's Stunning Looks In The 'Run Run' Music Video: Photos –  DancehallMagShenseea takes a swipe at her critics over accusations of “buying views” on YouTube.

On the heels of the success of her latest single, “Run Run,” Shenseea is hitting back at critics who suggested that she was buying views. The singer recently shared a steamy visual from her music video, hyping up the single, which is already doing numbers.

The visual shows Shenseea looking stunning in different outfits paired with a black leather ensemble with chains, complete with spiky jewelry lowering a man (we assume to be her former lover) into a fiery volcano. A second scene shows the “Lighter” singer sitting on a throne flanked by dancers in all black, while a third shows her in a green ensemble with a white snake wrapped around her arm.

Her caption on the brief video clip reads, “This is my FAVORITE scene! the red is just… 1.3M in 19 hours, #1 Trending Video, #1 Trending topic on Twitter, #6 Trending for music in JA..and we’re trending in US & Canada!”

Shenseea Respond To 'Buy Views' Accusations, 'Run Run' Hits 1m Views In 12  hours - Urban IslandzShe thanked her fans saying, “SHENYENGZ WE DID THAT!!! Big up my Trinidadian Actor..I’m not just doing this for Jamaica! I’m doing it for the whole fxcking West Indies!”

Shenseea also took time out from promoting the single to throw shade at those who suggested some time ago that she was buying views. In a comment on Instagram, the singer chided, “I thought they said we’re buying views ShengYengz… let’s wait for the next news they come up with.”

The conversation about buying views resurfaced a couple weeks ago when Spice wrote on IG that her song “Go Down Deh” was the first by a female dancehall artiste to reach 10 million views in 4 weeks while still remaining on the YouTube trending list.

Shenseea’s former manager, Romeich Major, tried to counter Spice’s claim saying the singjay’s song “Blessed” had reached that threshold. In response, Spice said her views were authentic and not bought.

Shenseea’s latest comment about buying views left some fans thinking that she is taking a dig at Spice. However, she could just be responding to the broader allegations of artists buying views. Perhaps the two female dancehall powerhouse will put this little spat behind them and eventually drop a collaboration.

“Run Run” is Shenseea’s first single in 7 months. The track was released under her new International label Interscope Records.

While some fans loved the new sound and unique visuals from the artiste, not everyone was feeling the new Shenseea.

One critic wrote, “Damn they trying to put you on the other side huh. She Finna start with all this evil stuff,” while another said “Why you had to sell your soul for material gain?”

Shenseea – Run Run (Prod. By Rich Immigrants) » ✔️ ✔️A third commenter said, “Why do artists start promoting a certain image when they get to a certain level of fame…’s almost like they’re all told what to do.”

Others noted how similar the singer’s video was to Lil Nas X’s latest video release, “Montero.”

Still, Shenseea has made it known that she doesn’t care what any of the critics have to say.

“I am not offended by persons who don’t like the song or the video for Run Run We all got opinions! However, to those who love it, we share the SAME sentiments! I am INLOVE!” she wrote in another tweet on Saturday, July 17, following the track’s release.

Source: Shenseea Respond To ‘Buy Views’ Accusations, ‘Run Run’ Hits 1m Views In 12 hours – Urban Islandz

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