Foota Hype Disputes Jahmiel’s Baptism, Was It A Publicity Stunt?

Foota Hype Released After Months Of Detention In ICE Holding Facility –  DancehallMagPopular sound selector, Foota Hype is not buying into the idea that Dancehall artiste Jahmiel is now a full-fledged Christian. A video recently got released online showing the “Strongest Soldier” deejay, in a church getting baptised and agreeing to all the usual ceremonial protocols of the process.

Jahmiel - Agent, Manager, Publicist Contact InfoFoota Hype has however expressed on his Instagram live to his followers that he does not believe the artiste got baptized for real due to the loopholes he had found in the situation. The reasons the selector gave for writing off the “Great Man”, included him not seeing any other video of the event, not even from a phone, as well as him not seeing Jahmiel clearly in the released footage “Even now i’m still not convinced that it’s Jahmiel in the video”.

He also made claims to have known the singjay long before his break in the music and according to Foota, he knew Jahmiel as a rasta, then adding that the deejay declared out of his mouth to him, his Rastafari faith. The popular selector says Jahmiel will have to step forward and prove he got baptised by joining his life and having a conversation with him.

Foota Hype Claps Back At 'Haters' Over Rented Rolls Royce – DancehallMagOn a popular Youtube channel, which reposted Foota Hype’s live, fans of Jahmiel were putting the selector on blast for the comments he made. One fan stated, “Feel like he really do baptize as I see him admitting to regretting things he did in the past and talking about his personal life and how closely he gets to God could definitely see the difference in him……….. differently from him following company I think he’s a good youth use to rate him but from you pass yuh place with the Gaza a dirt”.

What do you think? Did Jahmiel got Baptised or was it a publicity stunt?.

Watch the live chat below. 

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