Mavado Promise To His Fans That Music Videos Are Coming There Way

Mavado Thanks Everyone For Support After His Mother's Death – DancehallMagDancehall star Mavado has called on fans to bear with him as he will soon be releasing some music videos.

He made the appeal after announcing that thanks to the support of fans, the visualization for the track ‘Not Perfect’ has reached five million views on YouTube.

“Give thanks to my fans 5 million and counting without a video but yes I’m giving you a couple videos very soon lol don’t vex with me please to see with me ok” the Gully Boss wrote on his Instagram.

A look at the ‘Mr. Alright’ artiste’s YouTube account would suggest that he had not done an official music video for himself for close to two years, despite continuously putting out new music.

Mavado Shares Heartfelt Tribute After Death Of His Mother: "My Best Friend  Gone" – DancehallMagHe recently collaborated with I Voltage for the track ‘Never Go Win’ and uploaded an animated video to YouTube, which has since amassed over 500K views on the streaming platform since it was released.

Source: Mavado promises fans new music videos shortly | Buzz

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