Bounty Killer Doesn’t Share Ratings For Alkaline Nor His ‘Top Prize’ Album 

Bounty Killer Unconcerned About U.S. Visa, Knocks U.S. Racism In 'Freedom'  Single – DancehallMagDancehall veteran Bounty Killer has made it clear to Vendetta fans that he does not “rate” Ocean Wave deejay Alkaline.

In an Instagram post today, Bounty Killer shared a photo of himself, Cham, Timberlee, and Mavado shortly before daybreak, and asked his fans to “Tag all the artiste”.  But, Vendetta fans seemed to have been waiting for an opportunity to avenge the fact that the Warlord had seemingly taken verbal shots at Alkaline last week, on the heels of his Top Prize album.

Many of them demanded that Bounty write nice things about Alkaline on his page and talk about his Top Prize album in his posts.  Others accused him of being “badmind” and of “fighting down” their artist and pushing entertainers that he did not like out of the Dancehall space over the years.

Last Thursday, when Alkaline dropped his album, Bounty Killer had immediately thrown down the gauntlet to his Dancehall compatriots, declaring that his Damion “Junior Gong” produced King of Kingston album, which is soon to be released, was the biggest, baddest, and the best, and would eclipse and outshine all others.

Bounty Killer - reggaeville.comBounty had also said that “since everybody and dem granny making album this year all of a sudden let me make this clear all who and who dropping dem little dumpling thing dweet fast and move bcuz when GIANT a feed up a pudding pan kerosene tin business…”

This morning, as the name-calling and the invectives rolled in on his IG page, some of Bounty’s fans came to his defense, among them 1vibesqueen. “Pure badmind comments is all I’m seeing. Bounty they hate you like they hated Christ.   At least we know you are doing the Rights,” she wrote.

However, she was immediately pounced upon by Alkaline fan detta_vibez, who sought to shut her down. “Talk facts and cut di fuckry who hate who?   Bounty fight Young Artists and badmind Alkaline Album yuh nuh see dat,” he declared.

He was, however, counteracted by iyahtuggz, who said that Bounty was a trendsetter and a cornerstone in Dancehall who made it possible for many young people to get a foothold in the industry. “@grunggaadzilla musically has raised at least 3 generations single handedly. Unu fi gi Di boss him ratingz not flowers Cah man nuh give man flowers but give Di icon him ratings he help shape this dancehall music the entire world seems to be capitalising on more than the leaders and creator of it,” he wrote.

Bounty Killer - Path To Greatness - YouTubeIt was at this time that the straight-shooting Dancehall giant, whose given name is Rodney Pryce, made his bold declaration that Alkaline was not worthy of his respect.

He said the reason the Afterall artist’s fans were carrying on with their antics and demanding that he “big up” the Ardenne High School old boy, was because they knew of the value of his stamp of approval.

However, for him, they were foolishly barking at him in vain.

@iyahtuggz They all has to respect my contribution either way the fact that they are on my page yapping is acknowledgment but they are just upset that I don’t rate them brawta artiste bredda,” Bounty stated mockingly.

When zi_zi_kaziah, on another thread, noted that: “Bounty dancehall wouldn’t have reach where it at if it haven’t been for u changing so many youths life”, the One General again poked fun at Alkaline’s angry followers.

“zi_zi_kaziah Shout it again for the fools at the back,” Bounty said mischievously.

Bounty Killer Blasts New Set Of Dancehall Artistes | Magic 103.7Despite the furore, Bounty received praises from lawes123, who noted that the Dancehall artists themselves had acknowledged his contribution time and time again.

@grunggaadzilla I got proof of how influential, positive and helpful you are to upcoming artists when I listened the “Teach dem” interviews on YouTube. You have nurtured and supported artists AND by doing so, ensured the survival and dominance of dancehall music on the world stage. The truth is the truth and it’s not my opinion, the artists all said it in their interview. Much luv Bounty…,” he wrote.

Source: Bounty Killer Makes It Clear That He Does Not “Rate” Alkaline – DancehallMag

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