Konshens & Spice’s ‘Pay For It’, Is The Talk Of The Town

Video: Konshens, Spice & Rvssian - Pay For It 4/16/2021Konshens, Spice and Rvssian released a new dancehall banger.

Konshens wants to cover all of Spice’s expenses and she doesn’t mind. In their new song “Pay For it,” the dancehall stars combine saucy lyrics with a concept many fans are loving. The track was released with an accompanying music video shot in Half-Way-Tree, St. Andrew. Konshens who plays a conductor on the cultural staple coaster bus en-route to the popular capital, sees a well-dressed Spice fetching a ride and begins to pursue her during her commute.

In the catchy chorus Konshens follows a raspy run with a sweet falsetto to entice the ladies. The deejay tells the Graci Noir boss that he wants to spend all his money on her and though she asserts that she has her own, she was still quite fond of the idea.

“I wanna spend all my money on you,” Konshens sings. “Show you some love ’cause I want to / I know you got pride but mek mi come through / This time I’ll take care of you / Let me pay for it, for it, for it.”

Konshens & Spice Gets Rave Reviews For New Dancehall Collab - Urban IslandzThe first verse picks up with the beat as a dialogue is exchanged between two people expressing an obvious interest in each other. The 3-minute and 7-second track was, of course, produced by California-based dancehall hitmaker Rvssian who does not make an appearance in the locally-shot music video by Xtreme Arts.

Spice turns up the heat in the second verse where she shouts out her own brand and revels in her affinity for luxury. “Pay for it, pay pon it / Paper inna wallet / Bank card fi black, big house yuh pay for it / Chanel, Graci Noir, Louis V inna mi closet / Man money fi stock pile, lastic band it / Pay for it / Lamborghini mi favor it / Cash pon it / The price mi nuh even aware of it,” Spice deejays.

Konshens taps Spice and Rvssian for second single off new album | Loop NewsInterestingly enough, the track was released in the same week that a similar conversation was sparked on social media. When American rapper The Game tweeted about not allowing his woman to pay for anything, many weighed in on the desire for a similar situation. Dancehall fans seem to be here for the new track “Pay For It” which was released at midnight on Friday (April 16).

Fans have been reacting to the new joint with rave reviews. “Baddest new male and female collab in a dancehall this year this fire,” one fan wrote. Another fan added, “It’s a hit for sure Spice & Konshens both did a great job and Rvssian on the beat.”

Source: Konshens & Spice Gets Rave Reviews For New Dancehall Collab – Urban Islandz

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