I-Octane Challenging Teejay To Weight Loss War

I-Octane - News, Music, Video, Photo, Bio, LyricsI-Octane and Teejay in a weight loss war?

I-Octane is preparing to drop his upcoming “Moods” album, which is scheduled to drop on May 7th. In a post on his Instagram, the singjay posted several videos that promote his album while also simultaneously challenging Romeich Entertainment artist Teejay to a weight loss war.

The two men have a friendly rivalry as they try to outdo each other in a new weight loss challenge to lose 30 pounds. “Aye artist bwoy with the heap a big song under yuh belt, feel you can lose more weight than me, watch me and you,” I-Octane charges to Teejay.

I-Octane Starts Weight Loss War With Teejay Ahead Of New Album "Moods" -  Urban Islandz“You a eediat yute, right now you a run bout bout race other race ya daddy- me, me, me then you,” Teejay says as he remixes one of his hits “dem say fi tun it up, mi tun it up the chatting, mi lose the weight I belly flat a that hot him,” he sings.

I-Octane has shared his fitness journey with his fans, including the vulnerable parts when he gained massive weight. Now, the artiste has fresh confidence with his new album. In posts shared on IG, I-Octane can be seen admiring his body and assessing his weight loss.

He also posted that this is the first time that he has done a photoshoot in three (3) years. “My first photoshoot in 3 years. WOW. HOTRAS IS BACK,” he says along with prayer emojis as he expressed gratitude to God. “GIVE THANKS JAH. MOODS IS GOING TO BE LIT.”

Source: I-Octane Starts Weight Loss War With Teejay Ahead Of New Album “Moods” – Urban Islandz

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