Kabaka Pyramid Wants More Juggling, Releases His Own Riddim ‘Victory Rock’

Getting To Know Kabaka Pyramid // DEADLY - YouTubeMany know Kabaka Pyramid as a reggae singer and potent lyricist who uses his talent to bring much-needed attention to serious social issues affecting the society.

Today, he is looking to expand his musical reach as he branches out into the production arena with his debut rhythm, Victory Rock. The juggling rhythm, which will feature artistes like Stonebwoy, Bugle, Alaine, Chris Martin and Romain Virgo is set for release on March 26.

In an interview with THE STAR, Kabaka Pyramid revealed that he has been working on the project since 2018, waiting on the right time to release it to the public.

“Production is something that I have been doing throughout my career but this is the first time I am doing a project where all the songs are tracks which I have produced on a riddim that I created,” he said. “This is my first riddim and I never just wah drop a riddim and nobody nuh know ’bout it. I wanted to make sure the songs get the attention they deserve. Different from the composition side and the creative side, the producer side has to do with promotion and really getting the music out there and I feel like I have a really good handle on the promotional aspect of releasing music.”

His Reputation

He said that his reputation as an artiste helped him secure the confidence of the artistes he worked with on the project.

“Being an artiste and being well respected in the industry, I have good relationship with a lot of artistes. When I sent out the riddim, a lot of artistes loved it and were willing to work with me and that was a real blessing because nuff people don’t know me as a producer. But from the music sound good and feel good, a lot of the artistes were willing to test it out,” he laughed.

Meet Kabaka Pyramid, A Jamaican Reggae Artiste Who Prides In Buganda KingdomBut Kabaka Pyramid said that there is a lot of politics in music that hinders a producer’s ability to release ‘jugglings’.

“The juggling culture is very important in music. This is how up-and-coming artistes get on big riddims wid big artistes. But I feel like not enough of that is happening today,” he said. “A lot of the producers dem can’t get the artistes to voice on jugglings fi dem because some artiste nuh wah voice pan a riddim weh a nex man deh pan and dem thing deh. I do feel like generally producers want to do more juggling.”

He opined that some of the best rhythms have been juggling rhythms, like the Buzz rhythm that produced Sean Paul’s Gimme Di Light, and the Tropical Escape rhythm with Tarrus Riley’s Gimme Likkle One Drop and Chronixx’s Nah Give Up.

“I think that we need to get back to supporting jugglings because when yuh think of it, once the riddim hits, everybody has a hit,” said Kabaka Pyramid.

Source: Kabaka Pyramid wants more juggling – Makes his foray into the production side of music | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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