Dancehall Artist Ishawna Says ‘She Has Love For Music And The Entertainment Business’

Ishawna's 'Equal Rights' Gets Her In Some Onstage Trouble – DancehallMagNot even COVID-19 can keep a festive girl down. Ms Legendary, Ishawna, has continued to carve out her niche in the dancehall space. During 2020, in between releasing songs, she performed on Reggae Sumfest, secured an ambassadorship with international floral arrangement brand Luxury Roses, and completed a photoshoot for the Magnum 2021 calendar.

Now she is taking her festive self to Taboo’s Miami launch on March 30 for her signature event – Festive Tuesdays.

There seems to be no stopping this dancehall artiste, whose rise to fame started after she was discovered and taken under the wing of Bounty Killer. The former Alliance member then went on to join the label Downsound Records and released several popular singles.

Ishawna is always full of surprises, and one such was her billing for last year’s virtual staging of Reggae Sumfest. In 2015 she made her memorable début, but by 2016, she cut ties with Downsound Records and the festival; therefore, when she appeared on the 2020 poster, there was chatter aplenty, online and offline. She told THE STAR at the time that Downsound Records’ CEO and Sumfest owner, Joe Bogdanovich, reached out to her to be part of the festival. She accepted the offer because she believed it would be a good look for her career.

Look at my egg!": Ishawna shows off teenage son | BuzzAnd, in true Ishawna style, that has endeared fans to her, she proclaimed: “Bathe, powder unu neck and come out inna unu living room or wherever unu a go watch from because it’s going to be festive.”

Ishawna, who was only six years old when she wrote her first song, has worked with producer Safaree Samuels to create singles like Vroom Vroom, Oola La la and Cheerful Giver.

1. What is the most exciting thing to have happened to you in the last six months?

Almost everything that happens to me is exciting, but I’d definitely say my ambassadorship with Luxury Roses. Getting to do my thing on the biggest virtual show out of Jamaica, A Taste of Sumfest, was also a very, very exciting experience and, finally, being the main talent on the Magnum Tonic Wine 2021 calendar.

Listen Ishawna New Song "Pot Of Gold" - The Tropixs2. If you weren’t in music, what would have been your path?

I have such a deep and always expanding love for music and the entertainment business, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else but music. But if my life was completely different, and I wasn’t doing music, I would most likely be doing something that’s aligned with entertainment, beauty, or fashion.

3. ‘Festive’ is a word that you have owned. What makes Ishawna festive?

Ishawna is festive because she’s fun, carefree, and enjoys life to the fullest without apology!

4. Monday was celebrated as International Women’s Day; as an advocate for women’s rights through your songs, what is your message to your fans?

My message to my fans and women, in general, is to remain true to themselves, don’t allow anyone or anything to cause you to shrink into a corner, dim your light, or change who you are to please someone else. I will always advocate for women, their rights and let them know their voice has just as much of a place in society as that of their male counterparts.

5. What is your position on the COVID vaccine? Have you decided whether or not you are going to take it?

It’s a personal decision. I believe that what people choose to do with their own bodies is up to them and no one else.

Ishawna - Protect Yourself (Stop Violence Against Women) Lyrics - Urban  IslandzBONUS: What makes you happiest?

A number of things bring me happiness, and I appreciate that I am still able to find happiness in a time like this, but ultimately spending time with my son and my family brings me the greatest joy.

Source: Five Questions With Ishawna | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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