Pamputtae And D’Angel Defend Fantan Mojah

Image result for fantan mojahJamaican female entertainers Pamputtae and D’Angel are showing their support for controversial reggae-cum-dancehall singer Fantan Mojah.

The Rastafarian artiste, who is most known for roots-reggae music like Hail the King and Mama Hungry, stunned many of his followers with the recent music video for his debut dancehall single Fire King. Though the track has been out for several months, the visuals have been garnering harsh criticism from the Rastafarian community because of its sexually explicit nature.

Popular dub poet and radio personality Mutabaruka has been heading such criticism, but Pamputtae is defending her peer.

“Me back Fantan Mojah,” she said. “Anything wid di woman dem Fantan do yuh bloodcl**t ting… All di time yuh deh deh dem nah pay yuh mind. As yuh come out wid pure girl is a problem… Dem catch on to slackness more than anything else… When yuh sing righteous song dem nah rail fi yuh but yuh come out now wid a song wid bare hot gal and it’s a problem…Leave di man alone.”

The deejay was speaking in a video captured while en route to St Elizabeth alongside other ladies of the Pink rhythm project. D’Angel was also passionate about the topic and showed her support for Mojah as well.

“Me back Fantan…a gal yuh come out wid, a nuh man yuh come wid. From a woman yuh come out wid Fantan nuh worries inna it… Lowe Fantan alone, a dat mi seh.”

Image result for fantan mojahUpcoming artiste Sasique chimed, “The ladies back Fantan.”

Though she is currently overseas, Pink rhythm contributor Macka Diamond also showed her support of the message by commenting with applause.

Mojah showed his appreciation for their support by sharing the post and commenting, “Fire King! Thank you ladies.”

Source: Pamputtae and D’Angel defend Fantan Mojah | Buzz

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