Wayne Marshall Drops Knowledge On Why  Some Women Are Single

Tami Chynn & Wayne Marshall - Nothing Else - YouTubeWayne Marshall has a question for the ladies: Do you want a good-looking man or one who can truly provide you with the things you need? In a hilarious clip posted to TikTok and then to his Instagram account Wayne Marshall detailed the answer that he believed is the correct one.

“I wonder why some ah unuh hot gyal dead fe hungry? Cause ah cute man unuh wah, cute man ah pick breadfruit, cute boy ah climb breadfruit tree?” he questioned. He added, “Cute man ah climb ackee tree fe yuh, cute boy ah go supermarket ah buy chicken back fe yuh?”

WAYNE MARSHALL AND TAMI CHIN WELCOME BABY BOY OZWayne Marshall and his wife Tami Chin have become extremely popular on social media in Jamaica for their light-hearted approach and having good-natured fun on a range of topics. Several of their videos have gone viral, especially the ones where the cover songs. They’ve definitely become the power couple of social media on the island and to their doting fans across the globe.

His wife wouldn’t have missed out on the fun in this one, and she commented under the video as she trolled him ever so slightly, “Ded!!! A mussi das why mi a DED fi hungry,” she said, adding laughing emojis to drive home her point.

Other fans responded as well. “Alright now, tiktok please revoke this account!” one fan wrote while another added, “Mi sey a who let Wayne find tiktok?”

“No man… Wayne. Yuh too much now!!!! ??? guh lie dunggggg nuh?” another fan wrote.

The post was put up yesterday, January 22nd, and has already been viewed over 60K times with numerous shares. It’s safe to say this another viral hit for the Marshalls.

Source: Wayne Marshall Gives Take On Why Some Women Are Single In Viral PSA – Urban Islandz

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