Stalker Inspires New Song By Stylo G ‘Stalker’, The Track Exposes The Details

Stylo G's Dumpling music video – Montrealdancehall.comFollowing his apparent run-in with a woman he has deemed to be a long-time stalker, Stylo G has released a track outlining the situation.

Just mere hours after relating the situation to his fans on social media, the England-based deejay was in the studio putting the song together hitting out at a woman called ‘Yelds’.

In the song he opened with a voice note from the woman in question to which he replies with the insult “s–k yuh madda”. He then continues, “She send a p—y pic to mi dm, a wha dis inna mi eyesight, mi zoom in mi realise a never my type” to kickstart the song.

Since previewing the song of Instagram, he has been receiving a lot of support from fans. One commented “which is right!!! Tek bad ting an mek HIT!”Another commented “made r–sss this tune is mad” along with some fire emojis.

Stylo G set to perform at MOBO Awards - Urban IslandzStylo G says that his stalker, a Turkish woman, has now forced him to change his business number as she continues to harass him. He even shared pictures indicating phone calls and text messages from the woman.

Source: Stylo G drops track following encounter with stalker | Buzz

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