Spice Says She Didn’t Shade Shenseea, Shenseea Says She Is busy Making Music

Shenseea unfollows Spice on Instagram | BuzzDancehall artist Spice has unfollowed younger peer Shenseea on Instagram, a day after the Shenyeng boss removed her from her following list. Spice’s updated list was noticed yesterday in the midst of squabbles about the ‘Queen of Dancehall’ title, sour faces about not being acknowledged, and good ole badmind.

It started (publicly anyway) when Jada Kingdom acknowledged Spice as a mentor and reaffirmed the Romping Shop singer’s status as ‘Queen of Dancehall’. Spice shared the post, adding that no other female had ever tagged her to say they “watched and learned anything” from her.  In no time, Shenseea’s account stopped following Spice, and the Romeich Entertainment artist seemed to fire shots at Spice in Story posts about the “unproblematic” female who uses makeup to hide her envy.

The ShenYeng posse got on the case, and translated Spice’s acknowledgment of Jada Kingdom’s praise as shade thrown towards Shenseea.  The fans quickly flooded social media with archive posts of Shenseea praising Spice, with one particular post that showed Shenseea commending Spice for teaching her how to “attack a beat.”  The posse has also hailed Shenseea as the next ‘Queen of Dancehall’, a narrative that started more than a week ago after a freestyle she did went viral.

Spice says she hasn’t lied or thrown shade

Spice has made no apologies for her post, and has denied throwing shade at anyone, accusing fans of taking her words out of context in an Instagram Story yesterday.  “Y’all twist words to reflect what you want. I’m way to successful to be arguing over dump sh-t. #Goodnight,” she wrote.

It took a couple of hours, but Spice realized Shenseea was no longer following her and proceeded to unfollow the singer in return.

Her next move was to upload a snippet of her song Frenz, with lyrics that blast two-faced people who claim to love you.

SHENSEEA VS SPICE (WHO IS BETTER) - YouTubeSpice continued with a post that lauded another young peer for the first time, Shaneil Muir, who is best known for the hit Yamabella. Muir had posted some photos of herself in a black ensemble while on a shoot for a new video, and Spice reposted one of her images, adding a photo of herself in a similar fit and locale.

@shaneilmuir a sea side mi born make mi just post this before you hear say a me kill Jesus and cut him slippers. Big up yourself mi gal gwan mash up di road,” she wrote in jest.  The post was received with mixed reviews, as some folks understood that Spice, whose name has become synonymous with badmind lately, wanted to declare that she wore the outfit before Muir and did not envy her. But others saw the timing of the post as shady/petty.

Jada Eastsyde Queen

Meanwhile, Kingdom is only concerned with her title, the self-proclaimed ‘Eastsyde Queen’ – East in reference to St Thomas where she’s from.

The artiste has been adding the title in her posts since last year, and even updated her profile bio to include it. However, she removed it yesterday which did not go unnoticed to fans.

Shenseea Previews New Music, Dancehall Fans Think Its A Spice Diss - The  Tropixs“Mi tek di ‘Eastsyde Queen’ outta mi bio because everybody a kill up themselves over the title mi love and mi a show dem seh mi nuh need it inna di bio cause I am that – the Eastsyde f**king Queen,” she said in an Instagram Live yesterday. “I don’t need it in my bio. The world know that, mi nav nutten fi prove to nobody…Mi a show unno how title go…”

Kingdom is still in the good graces of Spice and Shenseea, as she maintains her spot on their following lists.

Shenseea working on new music

On the other side, Shenseea is busy working on new music with producer-in-crime Rvssian. While social media users have been playing shade police, her official disc jock DJ Blackboi had this to say one night ago.

“They are busy catching feeling while we busy making hit music,” he said, sharing a snap of the studio session.

The singer also teased her 3.3 million followers with a photo from her next music video.

Source: Spice Denies Throwing Shade At Shenseea And Unfollows Her On Instagram – DancehallMag

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