RT Boss Taking A Sabbatical From Dancehall Circles

RT Boss Shares Political Aspirations, Sends Message To JLP - The TropixsControversial celebrity spiritual advisor and Dancehall artiste RT Boss has decided to take a sabbatical from the Dancehall fraternity, and focus his energies on his core business – spiritual readings.

“The numbers for my spiritual appointments have increased dramatically so much so that I have to put my music hobby of music on the back burner,” RT Boss said.

Some dancehall fans will be disappointed since RT Boss’ current club banger, Buzz is generating a lot of heat in the streets.

“I’ve made up my mind, I know that ‘Buzz’ has thousands of views but I realize now that my spirituality career is at the highest level it has ever been, so that’s where I am going to push my energies,” he said.

RT’s decision is understandable given that spirtual advice has been his main income earner for years and the entertainment industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I entered the dancehall fraternity on Spice’s advice, with an understanding that she would support and help promote my movement. I only want to help out poor Jamaicans and to bring equality and fair wages to the dancers within the local dancehall scene,” he said.

RT Boss Claims He Made Spice Turned Down A Shenseea Collab – Radio DubplateRT Boss made several revelations that are still reverberating throughout the industry, pushing Minister Marion Hall aka Lady Saw to respond, and shocking statements from Nicholas Lall, father to Spice’s two children.

RT has doubled down on the statements that he made during a social media squabble with ‘Spice‘, the self-described “queen of the dancehall” during which he accused Spice of reneging on a promise to help him establish himself in the dancehall in the year 2020.

“I regret nothing I said. Mi speak mi truth and mi stand by it 100 per cent. Mek the chips fall where they may ,” RT Boss said.

RT Boss is hell bent on putting all the noise behind him as he concentrates on his spiritual business.

“I will not be responding to anyone that does not pay me, whether it be musically or via social media. Knowing that the gate is pulled. I am going back to my own career as a world renowned spiritual advisor,” RT Boss, who is also CEO of New Fame Clothing which deals with the hottest styles in ladies and men’s wear. @ www.tjnewfame.com. RT is currently booked out till the end of April 2021.

“Anyone who’s interested in getting a spiritual reading from RT can visit my website www.rtgoneglobal.com to schedule an appointment,” he said.

Some of RT’s predictions for 2021 include a cure for cancer, another baby for Prince Harry and that there will be two devastating volcano eruptions.

Source: RT Boss Doesn’t Regret ‘Spicy’ Revelations – DancehallMag

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