Vybz Kartel “It’s A Sin” Video Depicts The Authorities Raiding His Prison Cell, And Finding Nothing

Appeal Court in Jamaica Throws out Vybz Kartel's Appeal – Repeating IslandsVybz Kartel chronicles the raiding of his prison cell in his new video, “It’s A Sin.”

Music video director BlingBlang definitely didn’t want Gaza fans to experience too long of a wait after the release of the audio for “It’s A Sin,” before they were able to check out the cool visuals. The video continues a trend Vybz Kartel’s team has initiated, which entails debunking acts he has been accused of through reenactment.

The music video for “Skate” took its base from the allegations of him being the man who murdered “Lizard.” His most recent music video takes a look at a more recent accusation; his alleged use of a device to access social media, more specifically Instagram LIVE from prison. Vybz Kartel’s longtime friend and producer Rvssian was conducting an Instagram LIVE session on March 26 of this year when Vybz Kartel supposedly begged to join him on the LIVE video. Even though the screen remained dark, the voice singing lines from “Tun Up The Scheme” was pretty similar to that of Kartel’s. It was enough to prompt a search of his cell where a phone was found and the artiste sanctioned.

Download MP3: Vybz Kartel - It's A Sin (Prod. by Jermaine JB Baker) |  Halmblog.comThe new music video follows the same outline, as we see the Gaza VP Sikka Rhymes assuming the role of inmate Vybz Kartel. The character begins a video call from his cell at the start of the video, however, that isn’t the only privilege he gets. He also gets better food than other inmates and even visits from the ladies. Naturally, this stirs a bit of jealousy in the minds of others doing time who are not able to enjoy the same luxuries. One man offers up information to the head warden for a pack of cigarettes and Kartel’s cell is in turned searched.

Sadly for the informant, his tattle tailing leads to him picking up a severe beating at the order of The Worl’boss.

You can check out the music video below.

Source: Vybz Kartel Trolls Authorities For Raiding His Prison Cell In “It’s A Sin” Video – Urban Islandz

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