Dancehall Artiste Wasp Recovering After Being Shot

Dancehall Artiste Wasp Returns 'Hot Like Fire'Dancehall artiste Wasp is recuperating after he was shot in the hand by an unknown assailant in Cassia Park in the Corporate Area at about 9 last night.

The artiste was in the company of friends and hanging out at his mother’s house just before the end of curfew when he heard some shots and felt a stinging sensation in his left hand.

“I usually go over her house and play music and hold a vibes. She said that it was almost curfew so I was going to play a last song ‘cause ah send she ah send we home now. I heard some shots and then mi realize say I got shot in my hand,” Wasp told DancehallMag.

The bullet didn’t damage any bones or major ligaments.

“I did an X ray, but thankfully there was no damage. The shot fly through my hand but there are no broken bones,” he said.

Dancehall artiste Wasp injured in Cassia Park shooting | Loop NewsWasp doesn’t know the source or motive behind the attack.

“I saw a brown youth – the shooter – lift up and run away. I don’t know him. I don’t if it’s because my career ah rise or if is a man girl mi ah fool around with, but me and no man no have nothing or else mi wouldn’t leave myself careless ah road,” the artiste whose real name is Marvin Clarke, said.

The matter has been reported to the police who are conducting their investigations.

Source: Dancehall Artiste Wasp Stung By Shot From Unknown Assailant – DancehallMag

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