Chronic Law Launches Record Label ‘1 Law’

Listen: New Music from Chronic Law, Lisa Hyper, Ace Gawd, Bugle, Gyptian &  Stalk Ashley – DancehallMagHillside deejay Chronic Law is expanding his brand with the launch of his new record label, 1Law Entertainment.

The entertainer revealed this in a recent OnStage interview

“Mi feel like mi reach pon a level where mi can help more youths same way, so 1Law Entertainment, 1Law Records, we a pree fi just get some artiste out deh same way,” he said.

The studio is aptly located in St Thomas where he is from, and already has a roster of upcoming acts.

“So, far we have Shock Star, Fyah Dups, whole heap a dem. Mi nuh waan left out nobody but dem a buzz, people know dem man. Dem soon get the big break,” he said

He has also delegated a team to manage bookings and other business opportunities for the signees.

Accompanying this new venture is a line of merchandise.

“It nuh out and about yet cause a nuff time we start and finish til one a di time a just me a wear it as my personal thing, but the fans dem always inna mi DM, so mi seh all right we a guh go official now,” he said. “Ah just mostly shirts, pullovers, all different types ah shirt, but probably soon all go sneakers too.”

Chronic Law Drops Raunchy Crooner 'Fall In Love' Just In Time For  Valentine's Day: Watch – DancehallMagHowever, establishing his own label is no indication that he is no longer part of the Squash-led 6ix clique. Though Squash has been overseas for some months, Chronic Law said all is well in the trap dancehall camp.

“The family up and running same way enuh, unstoppable and nah go any weh,” he said. “We still strong inna di music, we still have the unity same way and we still a put out nuff work same way…the 6ix is still real.”

He is currently promoting his latest single Can’t Stay So.

Source: Chronic Law launches record label | Buzz

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