People Outside Of Africa Doesn’t Realize Vybz Kartel Is Seen As A Jesus-Like Figure, Says Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Vybz Kartel set to release a song soon » GhBase•com™Vybz Kartel perhaps has a bigger fan base in Africa than he has in Jamaica.

At one point, Shatta Wale, one of the biggest acts on the entire content of Africa, was only following Vybz Kartel on Instagram. Now he follows four others, such as international entertainers Cardi B and Beyonce, an act which shows just what caliber Vybz Kartel is placed in when it comes to musical greatness. While Wale has listed Vybz Kartel has his dream collab, even after snagging “Already” with Queen B, it’s the love and admiration from others on the content that has everyone intrigued.

In a recent tv interview, Wale said that the GAZA deejay is considered anywhere from a president to a God on the continent.

“I can tell you this for a fact, when Vybz Kartel comes to Africa, it’s going to be the next coming of Jesus Christ. I’m telling you cause the love this man has in Africa is too much,” said the Ghanian. “Through Vybz Kartel people have become artistes in Africa, people have gotten employment, people have changed a certain way of life and wanna be serious in life. We all saw where Vybz was coming from and how God lifted him to a certain level and even where he’s gotten to. We’re still proud of him and I can tell you that if Vybz Kartel steps foot in Africa today, Jamaica is going to hear a different story. People are going to worship this man, I’m telling you.”

Current members of the GAZA Sikka Rymes and Savage seconded the words shared by the crowned African King of Dancehall. In doing so they highlighted the achievements of Vybz Kartel as an independent act.

Savage expressed that Vybz Kartel is facing the same issues that the reggae legend Bob Marley went through during his reign however, he is doing it from behind bars.

Vybz Kartel To Appear On Shatta Wale's 'Gift Of God' Album – DancehallMag“Him a run dancehall fi years and still a run it from behind bars,” he said. “We a go claim him more as Jamaicans but nuh king nuh get crowned in a him owna country. We as Jamaicans fight Vybz Kartel more than anybody else. But a we did fight Bob Marley and the Rasta thing more than anything else until the world embrace it. We fight the greatest people dem we country ever produce and a when dem dead sometime we start bawl and see dem greatness.”

Vybz Kartel is set to contest the murder conviction laid against him at the highest level of the court, the Privy Council in London. Sikka Rhyme is urging all GAZA fans to continue their support of the Worl’Boss. “All Gaza fans keep the support and prayers going because the work nuh done yet,” he said.

Source: Vybz Kartel Is A Jesus-Like Figure In Africa, Says Shatta Wale – Urban Islandz

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