Busy Looks To Latin Market

Busy Signal - Rototom SunsplashBUSY Signal is expanding his musical reach with a soon-to-be released Latin-flavoured single entitled Jeans & Mesh. Produced by Bright Nation, the dancehall deejay has high expectations for the track.

“No release date has been set yet but we’re working to have a release date soon,” said Busy Signal.

He was upbeat about experimenting with the Latin beat.

“The vibe and the energy is different. It’s a Latin type of beat, the energy is different, and we just make it happy so people can enjoy and relate to it and just have some fun to listen to it, or to go on stream and buy,” he said.

“It’s just happiness. It’s a happy beat, a happy bounce – uptempo and everything – and the horns that are in it as well, it just gives a happy vibe… I came up with that melody and everything and the words and the concept, and we link up with Bright Nation – the producers of the song,” he continued.

The top-shelf dancehall deejay expects Jeans & Mesh to mushroom globally, given the far-reaching impact of digital technology.

Zimbabwe: Jamaican Reggae Star Busy Signal in Mugabe Praise Song -  allAfrica.com“No genre of music is the best seller at this point in time when technology supplies a whole bunch of platforms for people to get music in different ways, freely as well,” said Busy Signal. “But we still do what we do and we’ve still got those hopes up, and we still make that approach business-wise to get it out there and to do what we do. So, we hope that it gets to that level where people can recognise and see what we do here as Jamaican artistes and represent music [is] real and true. I just talk what is on my mind and what I feel and how I just move through with the lyrical dexterity and clarity. It’s a vibe,” he said.

Busy Signal, whose real name is Reanno Gordon, came to prominence in 2003 with the hit song Step Out. He has since followed up with other hits including These are the Days, Jail, as well as cover versions Night Shift, and One More Night. His collab, Bumaye, with Major Lazer was hugely successful. This year he was awarded Dancehall Artiste of the Decade at the International Reggae and World Music Awards.

Source: Busy looks to Latin market

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