Spice Performs At Show, Where Most Weren’t Wearing Mask

Spice is back ya’ll! That’s right, the ‘Queen of the dancehall’ is performing live again.

Back in July, Spice had expressed that she was stressed out by not being able to tour because of the coronavirus pandemic. Back then, some of her fans had urged to be patient.

She obviously took that advice and had first show in six whole months, in New Jersey on Sunday (September 6).

And from the many clips of her performance that she had since posted on her Instagram, that show was worth the wait for both her and her fans.

Spice (musician) - WikipediaOf course, because of the coronavirus pandemic, Spice had to make some adjustments to how she’d usually perform. This included sporting a hazmat suit and a face shield at different points in her performance, and giving one of her male fans a “six feet apart wine”.

“Covid could never stop me 😂🤣😂his Temperature was checked before he entered the stage, I brought him a disposable quarantine outfit so he could join us and I gave him a 6 feet apart wine.” she wrote on one of her posts.

But despite Spice’s declaration that temperature checks were done, some fans could not help but express their concern that very few people in the crowd were wearing masks.

“Covid stunting right there so no one wearing a f***kg mask. KMFT,” one person commented.

“These ppl are crazy😯and spice is wicked to be encouraging it. U dont even see any other artist or celebrity out there doing dis shit,” another said.

“And the poor fans aint even care about their safety , they just gonna let spice wax them up to be jumping and jamming up in covid , she cant relax herself until its safe to be out there , she could do an online show if she so love and care for her fans dem, just to keep everybody safe,” another added.

New Jersey has had more than 196,000 coronavirus cases, and almost 16,000 deaths.

General outdoor gatherings are limited to 500 people and social distancing must be practiced, according to the New Jersey state website.

Source: Spice performs live in New Jersey to large maskless crowd | Buzz

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