Popcaan Blast Slim Danger For Calling Him “Canadian Rapper”

Slim Danger: Who is Chief Keef's baby mama?Popcaan is responding to the groupie conversation in which he was called a Canadian rapper.

OVO-signed dancehall artiste Popcaan has always been a patriotic man, and like many of his fellow nationals, he is proud to be Jamaican. It came as no surprise as such when Popcaan took to social media to respond to a recent clip that has gone viral off of his name. Poppy is clarifying that he is an “authentic yaad man” and simultaneously clapping back at the women who started the conversation.

Recently known hip-hop groupie Celina Powell and her friend Aliza have taken over the popular No Jumper podcast. This week on the second episode of their “Th*ts Next Door” series, where they interviewed one of Chief Keef’s baby mamas, the women erred when they pulled Unruly deejay Popcaan into their rapper hopper conversation.

When Chief Keef’s baby mama asked if the women wanted to talk about Popcaan, Celina questioned who Popcaan was. The women, including Celina’s other groupie friend whose newfound fame can be attributed to the recent Trey Songz sex scandal, told her that the unruly Boss was a ‘Canadian rapper’ to both the amusement and dismay of many Unruly fans.

“You played me tryna act like you was going with that other b*tch and you know you want this squirt pu**y,” said Keef’s baby’s mother. Celina Powell and Aliza are both known for their loose lips about their alleged sexual escapades with various rappers, athletes. and entertainers. Chief Keef’s baby mama assured listeners that she falls in the same bracket, admitting that she got her nickname ‘Slim Danger’ from “smashing the homies” since 15 years old.

Popcaan Dissed Chief Keef Baby On Instagram - JamMediaOnePopcaan did not take too kindly to the Canadian label nor the fact that the self-proclaimed ‘th*ts’ had his name in their mouths. Taking to Instagram to set the record straight, the Unruly deejay made it crystal clear that he is not one to play with. The video he posted started out casual enough with the deejay speaking of how “fresh” he was though he just woke up. His tone soon switched up as he interrupted what was a mood to say, “By the way,” he intervened. “Piss up mouth gyal watch how ya call man b**b**cl**t name yuh hear? Real authentic yaad man this. Look pon me good. Yuh betta move.”

Popcaan only deviated from his serious demeanor in the caption where he said, “YAAD REP a nuh B**b*cl**t DOM REP, me unruly them unu done har fimme dey!!!” he typed with laughing emojis. The dancehall star’s fans were very supportive of the order. “She looks like she smells,” one Unruly fan wrote in the comments.

We know nothing of the history between Popcaan and Chief Keef’s promiscuous baby mama, but it sounds like Slim Danger was rejected for another woman. During the live podcast, the women also deliberated about whether Popcaan has a girlfriend before deciding that it didn’t matter. “I think he has a b*tch. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” asked one. “Who cares? Everybody does,” Danger responded. “That’s not our responsibility,” Aliza continued. “Who are we? We No Jumper hoes,” the women agreed.

Popcaan kept it pretty serious with the video response to let everyone know he is not for the streets. Do you think he was right to address these hip-hop groupies?

Source: Popcaan Blast Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Slim Danger For Calling Him “Canadian Rapper” – Urban Islandz

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