Dexta Daps Addresses Criticism For Sold Out Shows During COVID-19 Pandemic 

Dexta Daps pulls hundreds to NY 'secret' concertDexta Daps is getting some criticisms for his sold out show in New York over the weekend.

Since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, various posts on Dexta Daps’ Instagram account have highlighted the singers need to get back on stage to perform for his legion of female fans. It seems New Jersey promoter and deejay Steelie Bashment made that a reality and much more, after videos of his secret, yet not so secret, event made their way online. The clips scattered across social media seemingly hinted at a very successful event, especially during a global pandemic. However, with numbers seemingly reaching in the 100s, and patrons wearing little to no masks, it also seemed like the perfect place for the deadly coronavirus to take afoot. No masks and a packed venue both go against the rules ad guidelines implemented to stem the spread of COVID-19.

According to the New York Post, “outdoor entertainment-related activities are only allowed to resume at 33% capacity and with six feet of distance between people.” The exact venue of the event is still unknown since the promotional material leading up the event boasted a “special, exclusive day party at a secret location.”

The event, which was headlined by both Dexta Daps and Reggae singer Ikaya, ran the risk of being completely turned off if law enforcement were alerted. While the patrons in attendance exercised no fear of the deadly coronavirus strain, others in the comment section of a post shared on social media felt the move was unnecessary.

“No mask what happen [sic] to social distance have mercy on y’all soul,” wrote one user below a video shared online. “I will never attend any of these events because these promoters [are about] them and their money. We have to protect ourselves,” came the warning from another Instagram user.

Nonetheless, both Dexta Daps and Ikaya ensured that the risk was worth it by delivering a show to remember. This included a lot of bumping and grinding, along with beautiful ballads from the Jamaican crooner and the female songbird.

Dexta Daps has since addressed the criticisms saying that the show did not violate any COVID-19 guidelines. “I couldn’t say how many persons were there but I know it was at the number that the venue required,” the singer told the Star. “You ever heard of a thing called camera trick?… I don’t know what is being portrayed in the pictures but I was there and I wouldn’t say it was overcrowded.”

Daps added that everything was done by the books and masks and hand sanitizers were provided for patrons.

Source: Dexta Daps Addresses Criticism For Sold Out Show In New York Despite COVID-19 – Urban Islandz

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