Chronic Law Talks Merchandise, Gun Songs And His New Artist Shaqstar

Chronic Law - Fire LyricsDancehall artiste Chronic Law did an Interview with OnstageTV a day ago and he spoke about working with his family in his business, he has an executive team and a number of new artistes who are doing good on his label, he believes they will be big in the business soon.

Akeeme Campbell more commonly known as Chronic Law was the only one wearing his shirts but his fans started asking him if they could get them to buy, so he is ready to start selling his merch which currently consists of only shirts with the intention to expand in the future.

DOWNLOAD Chronic Law – Anointed [Divine Magesty Riddim] MP3 • illuminaijaHe also spoke on his new music, one in particular “Self-Protection” is doing good in the streets now, the song is about encouraging persons to protect themselves as there are dangerous people out there. The people who try to tear down those who are working hard and others who want to hurt you as they are just jealous.

Chronic Law says he does not say violence is the solution, but protection is needed.

He wants the youths to put in work if they want to have a successful career. It is his intention to help more young artistes to make it in the business. “Even hillside enuh… mi duh hillside 4 years before it get it recognition,” says Chronic Law to Winford Williams.

Chronic Law Drops Raunchy Crooner 'Fall In Love' Just In Time For  Valentine's Day: Watch – DancehallMagHe says 6ix is still going on strong, Squash is currently overseas and he did a song with Daddy 1 recently. Chronic Law understands that many were looking for a classic song like “Hillside” but they didn’t find it. Even though Law Boss is yet to present another hillside track he is feeling very good about where he is now in the music business.

Chronic Law also spoke on his record label, One Law Entertainment “We a pree fi jus get some artiste out deh same way yeah… right now still Shaqstar of Seaforth listen dah name deh one law artiste”.

Watch the full interview below.

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