Tommy Lee Gets Sick While In Lock Up

TOMMY LEE SPARTA SINGS ABOUT THE LIFE OF A SPARTANReports are coming in that gothic Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta had been rushed to the hospital for vomiting although luckily for him he now is discharged.

The deejay has been in police custody for approximately two weeks and has not been charged and the effects of his detention are now affecting him.

According to his lawyer Earnest Smith, it might seem that the police have ulterior motives to punish the deejay.

The attorney at Law stated that they were promised that the questioning session at 7: 00 am on Tuesday morning was the last session but the deejay is still being held in custody.

The lawyer mentioned that the police had made it clear that the artist would have been free on Tuesday after the questioning however he is still being held. The lawyer explained that the charges were unjust.

Dancehall Fans Blast Tommy Lee Sparta Over 'Distasteful' Comment ...Tommy Lee was arrested under the SOE for questioning in relation to the upsurge of violence in the community of Flankers Montego Bay.

Under the SOE, the police have the right to lock up a person without being charged for up to 90 days if they like.

Since being detained the Deejay has been very frustrated about the situation since he has been professing his innocence which shows in him not being charged.

Reports are that Tommy Lee even cried about the situation as he feels the police knowingly targets him when his career is rising as the “Rich Badness” Deejay has experienced very similar run-ins with the police in previous years.

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