Protoje’s “Same So”Is What Fans Been Waiting On

Who Knows": Behind The Scenes at Protoje + Chronixx's New Video ...Protoje’s new song “Same So” is just the reggae single we’ve all been waiting for this summer.

Just last week, Protoje revealed that his new album is completely finished and just about ready for consumption. Therefore, it was only fair that fans were given a whiff of what the project is all about, and he did so with the release of the leading track “Same So.” Protoje promised something for the ladies, and he delivered with a smooth love song, packaged with a beautifully directed music video from Jordan Mars. As expressed by the King Digg, “Same so video was done by an all local team and I am so very proud of the visual.” There is a lot to be proud of, from the superb acting talents of Alysia Francis and model Celine Alana; to the styling of Neko Kelly; the makeup done by the napturalmel team; the vibrant color sequence arranged by cinematographer randyrandeh, and of course the editing done by Ubezki.

One fan chose to share their in-depth analysis of the visuals along and praising the work done by the team.
“Yep, the technostalgia is off the chains. Also loved how @Protoje embraces these pastel blues and pinks for a song that’s all softness and sweetness yet no less masculine,” he tweeted. However, “Same So” is so much more than soft colors and melanin rich models and more of a showcase of art and love in specular forms.

Protoje Instagram
Protoje / Instagram

Proto lets his heart roam free for the lady he is desiring and confesses just how he acts whenever she is in his presence. The “Bout Noon” singer explained his inspiration behind “Same So” in a recent press release. He said, “I wrote this song just being in a situation and feeling ‘a type of way’ about someone – but because of the type of relationship, there are things I can’t do or say. However, at the same time, I’m hoping that she feels the same way for me regardless.”

With production and guidance from Sean “Ziah” Roberts, Protoje sings, “Anytime you be around/Same time it’ll be frustrating /When I see you in a crowd/My eyes they go wherever/Girl all I do is stare/And when you notice I know/You would be so extra I swear.”

The In.Digg.Nation Collective lead got some harmonic assistance from the females in his camp to ensure an even smoother delivery. “Both @callmesevana and @LilaIkeJa on the BGV[Background Vocals] and sevana Adlibs on the outro,” he tweeted before shouting out Sevana for he individual effort, “Sev is so awesome in harmonies she wrote and structured the whole harmony lines. Yo her BGV on her project is insane!! She do all of them herself.”

Protoje : Best songs, Albums and Concerts - MozaartSince the release of “Same So,” the Grammy-nominated singer has gotten the nod from other industry greats such as Sean Paul and Kabaka Pyramid. Fans have also been sounding off in the comments. “This album bout to be lit. I can feel it. I love the sound on this track tho, the calm laid back vibe, as if you’re just in paradise with the lady of your dreams. Y’kno,” wrote one fan. Proto’s international fans also made themselves felt in the comments. “Vibing with this right now! Big up from Romania,” wrote one person, while others left Ghanian and Nigerian flags.

The long-awaited 5th album will be released by In.Digg.Nation Collective, Six Course, and RCA Records and should be available for pre-order on August 6, 2020.

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