Lila Iké Teases Music Video For ‘Forget Me’

Lila Iké Share The Experience Her Debut EP out today May 15 ...Rising reggae songstress Lila Iké is gearing up to release her third single Forget Me this week, and has teased the upcoming music video on Twitter.

The teaser, released on Tuesday (June 30), shows the singer and her love interest facing a rough patch as she remembers the lighter, happier moments of their relationship.

Judging from the thematic sequences, the music video will be true to the source material of Forget Me, the fifth single on Iké’s debut album, The ExPerience.

“All over the people dem man inna da one ya… #ForgetMe visuals this week,” Lila Iké tweeted.

Unapologetically explicit with subtle R&B undertones, Forget Me is easily one of Lila Iké’s best efforts as she confronts her romantic frustrations while being sultry and vulnerable.

The Jamaican Twitter timeline is already buzzing with excitement ahead of the video’s release, with many fans calling the single their favourite of The ExPerience.

Source: Lila Iké teases visuals for ‘Forget Me’ music video | Buzz

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