Koffee Got Into A Minor Car Accident With Her Benz

Koffee Transformed from School Girl to Grammy Winner | | yardhype.comKoffee wasn’t too thrilled after getting into a minor car crash in Jamaica while driving her Benz

Jamaican artist Koffee was involved in a minor collision on Mountain view avenue on Friday evening in which, thankfully, no one was injured. The ‘grateful’ Grammy kid was driving her white Mercedes Benz along a section of the road when it seems she was suddenly cut off by the driver of a white Honda. Based on a short clip recorded by a spectator, Koffee was seen outside her vehicle, speaking with the driver of the motor car before climbing back into her SUV, slamming the door, and reversing out of the intersection.

While she has not posted or commented on the situation, she’s no doubt singing her usual song of gratitude for what ended up being a fender bender in these bizarre times.

Koffee—real name Mikayla Simpson—has been passing her time during the pandemic at home in Spanish Town as the entertainment industry continues to reel from social distancing directives. Though unharmed in Friday’s mishap, she did appear shaken according to the audio on the clip of the incident—”di artist look like she well brew.” Although her Mercedes-Benz might have sustained a few buffs and scratches, the humble hitmaker is clearly blessed. We’re glad she was able to literally walk away from this accident, which given her gratitude mantra, may have inspired a song that she’ll soon share with the world.

Koffee has kept busy with music while in quarantine, making a cameo in Buju Banton’s new video “Blessed” and has been sighted with Popcaan, Skillibeng, and Dre Island on the set of an upcoming project. Fans have reacted to the near miss with light humor and hints of concern, feeling for the “Raggamuffin” crooner who “just got” her new car. “Koffee come in like a rapture Whole a the Benz bumper fracture,” teased one Instagram user while another added “Young driver she new to it” in an empathetic view.

The Clipz Bootleg Remix of Koffee's "Toast" Is a Mid-Week TonicSome fans have been weighing in blaming the “Rapture” singer for the minor car crash. “It nuh matter what is what she going to get wrong she lick beyond the backdoor she can’t contest to say she not wrong,” one fan wrote.

Other folks were more sympatheic towards her and left her some supporting words. “Oh my sooo happy ntn happened to her tho.. Material things can gwan,” one female fan wrote while another added, “So it go ya @originalkoffee , we all have a first fender bender or scrape, blessings, some people dont make it out from it, learn, live on.”

An obviously furious Koffee jumped back in her car and backed up but unfortunately the video wasn’t long enough to show us what happened next.

Source: Koffee Gets Big Mad At Driver After Getting Into Car Accident In Her Benz – Urban Islandz

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