Jada Kingdom Sends Cease And Desist Order To I.G. Talk Show Host DJ Lava

Dj Lava addresses Jada Kingdom allegations, & Say you not Perfect ...Jada Kingdom issued a Cease and Desist Order to DJ Lava over the weekend.

The Dancehall singjay is serous about clearing her name and has retained legal representation to sue a woman claiming to be her ex-girlfriend along with bloggers.

DJ Lava is now being accused over giving the woman a platform and helping to spread false information about Jada Kindom.
“It is my instruction that you have posted false information about Jada Murphy on the internet. None of this information is true and the contents amounts to defamation of character and could cause losses in revenue for Jada Murphy.” the statement issued to Lava read.

Lava Sound's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds“It is also a criminal offence to post such false information on the internet and you could be convicted to spend time in prison for it. This is a formal demand for you to cease and desist with Immediate effect from posting any false information about Jada Murphy. We also wish for you to remove all defamatory information from the internet that you have posted. If you fail to do so with immediate effect we will have no other option but to get the police involved and have the matter dealt with in the relevant Court of law.”

DJ Lava uploaded a screenshot and his response – View below.

Source: Jada Kingdom Sends Cease and Desist Order To DJ Lava – The Tropixs

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