Jada Kingdom “Ask If Koffee And Artist Jahmiel A Bredda” Then Receives Backlash

Dancehall Diva Jada Kingdom Alleged Relationship With Female ...Jada Kingdom asked “Koffee and Jahmiel a bredda”? After she made a post on Twitter recently. This caused Jamaican fans to call her out, as they said she was misgendering the Grammy Award-winning artiste who has become one of the favorite entertainers in Jamaica recently.

Koffee’s “Lockdown” was released a week ago and it racked up 6 million views on YouTube while Jada’s ‘WIN’ got 432k views after it was released 3 days ago and it seems to be a favorite in the eyes of her fans.

One fan said she needed to try having a number 1 song on the charts before she started mentioning Koffee.

koffee reggae grammy winner 2020

While another one said she was disgusted by Jada, as she doesn’t see how Koffee could be Jahmeil’s brother when she is a girl.

Some fans were left questioning Koffee’s sexuality after her song “Lockdown” was labeled as a Lesbian Anthem.

Jada allegedly had disclosed that she was bisexual and fans thought she was being hypocritical when she asked the question.

Koffee and Jahmiel were almost looking alike because of their locks and they both had their hands clasped in the photos as if they were praying. There were other photos of them in a collage also, it was made by a fan.

It seems as if Kingdom did not expect the backlash and she eventually removed the tweet.

Source: Jada Kingdom Removes Tweet after Fan’s Lashed out at Her for Misgendering Koffee | yardhype.com

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