Bunny Wailer Recovering From His Second Stoke In Hospital 

Bunny Wailer | Discography | DiscogsAfter suffering a massive stroke, Bunny Wailer who was admitted to Kingston Hospital, begins his recovery after being stabilized.

Since Monday, July 20, the reggae singer has been in the institution. “He’s stabilised. And we’re going through what we have to go through, in relation to his recovery,” Maxine Stowe, the singer’s manager, told the Jamaica Observer on Monday, July 27 .“The stroke affected his physical mobility; it didn’t affect his thinking. So I’m giving thanks he’s cognitive, so we’re just keeping him up spiritually,” she continued.

Bunny Wailer was said to be released out of the hospital in a week by Stowe, who was completely optimistic about the response. However, due to this being Wailer’s second stroke he experience within the span of two years, after his release he would have to proceed to rehabilitation. “There’s a rehab centre that he’ll be spending another four weeks at,” she said.

Earlier this year, Bunny Wailer was shaken by the disappearance of his partner, Jean Watt.

Watt, also known as Sister Jean is Bunny Wailer’s partner of 50 years. The 70-year-old woman has been missing since Saturday, May 23 of this year.

Her description was given indicating that she has dreadlocks, is about five feet three inches tall, and was last seen wearing a black top, brown bottom, and sandals in Washington Gardens, St. The family has issued a reward for information since that time and has continued to reach out to the public via social media in the hope that their matriarch would be found.

The family has hired a private investigator who has successfully checked all hospitals, old age homes, police stations, and morgues. This he added has given the family some hope that she is alive and unhurt. He said that the private investigator believes that she may be in the care of someone.

Stowe said that the Livingston and Watt families continue to search for her.

“[Bunny Wailer] has battened down and overcome many sentences in his personal and creative life, and we hope that his unique spiritual, creative, and personal contribution to humanity stands predominant in these choppy waters,” Stowe added.

Source: Bunny Wailer Starts Recovery After Being Hospitalized – The Tropixs

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