Bella Blair Steams Up New Marijuana Track

Recording artiste Bella Blair is professing her love for marijuana on her latest track, Gimme A Light. The entertainer, who confessed to being ‘anti-weed’ at one point in her life, says she has fallen in love with the ‘good ole sinsemilla’.

“The truth is, I was anti-weed one time, and, under some special circumstances, I was persuaded to try it. I did my research and stuff to see what exactly it was that I was getting myself into and then I tried, and it wasn’t that bad. After that I developed a kind of relationship with steaming. I don’t really smoke weed per se ,like roll up a spliff, I’m more of a chalice/kutchie type girl, a steamer,” she told The Gleaner. “When I steam, it puts me into a mental state that allows me to step outside of myself and have an introspective point of view. Sometimes when I’m in a situation, it calms me down too, innu. I have developed a very loveable relationship with marijuana and so I said, why not write a song about it.”


She expressed that with her already-established style and flow, she wanted the track to have a very cool, seductive type of vibe. Having fallen in love with steaming, she desired the track to have that ‘loving feeling’. “I wanted it to be a cool, easy-going song from a female perspective, because most a di weed songs we have, have been coming from the men and it’s usually a Rasta kinda vibe or the badman, Popcaan’s Weed is my best friend vibe. I wanted this to be a sexy, love song for the women who smoke and embrace it,” she said. “ And I used the term ‘relationship’ for a specific reason. I don’t want people feel like it’s just a habit and I’m just smoking because, or like it’s a means of escape or a coping mechanism for whatever is going on right now. I am purposely choosing to indulge in this like you’d do in any relationship.”

Conversation with Jamaican Entertainer Bella BlairAlthough she was confident in her ability to execute the song exactly how she wanted, Blair said she never knew what to expect when she officially released the single. She said the fact that she was a woman singing about her love for marijuana, she had her reservations. “A lot of stuff are embraced when it’s coming from a man. I really didn’t know what to expect, because I’m a woman who would be tackling the topic men would usually sing about. But I’m not one to move off fear or be apprehensive because I am worried about what people will think. I just do what my mind tells me to do,” she explained. “I am essentially an artiste, and an artiste, in the true form, should be able to explore and sing about any topic they want. I am not just in music because I want to make money or because it’s the only other thing I can do. Artistry is part of my focus and I see myself as a true creative.”

Bella Blair - reggaeville.comBlair says her fearless approach to the song’s release has been paying off, as the response since it was released last month has been overwhelmingly positive. “I never play it from anybody and got a response or feedback dat dem don’t like it. When I use to play people certain songs, some would be like, ‘No, not this one for me, Bella’, but everybody likes this track. Every single person that comes across it gives it a positive feedback. Every radio disc jock, all my fans, and even people who aren’t my fans,” she said.

Source: Bella Blair steams up new marijuana track | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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