Who Is Vybz Kartel’s True First Lady? Shorty, Lisa Hyper, And Jodi Couture Are Declaring Themselves

News about likkle-vybzVybz Kartel’s former common-law wife, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, has declared herself the true ‘First Lady.’ In what appears to be tension between some of its female members, Johnson says she has the receipts to prove her dominance in the GAZA Empire as Kartel’s leading lady.

Lisa Hyper Throws Shade At Jodi Couture: 'There Can't Be Two Gaza ...The bickering kicked off during an Instagram Live chat last week with Gaza founding member Lisa Hyper and selector DJ Lava Sound when a fan posed a contentious inquiry.

The question was pertaining to who is the real ‘first lady’ of Gaza, particularly since dancehall artiste Jodi Couture occasionally flaunts the title in reference to herself. During the Live session, Hyper affirmed her position as the ‘one and only first lady’ of the GAZA empire, but sometime after, a fired-up Jodi Couture responded blasting Lava for bringing up her name and Hyper for her delusional thinking.

Vybz Kartel's New Album 'To Tanesha' Is Out Now – DancehallMagNow it appears both ladies need to take a back seat because ‘Shorty,’ the mother of three of Kartel’s children, is addressing the matter.

The usually private Shorty was dragged into the ‘mixup’ yesterday during a Live chat in the wake of her birthday celebration. Even though many fans wished her a Happy Birthday, some brought the drama and agitated the Short Boss Muzik commander-in-chief with statements that Lisa and Jodi had taken her position.

On the Live, Shorty was heard adamantly saying, “I am his first lady. I nuh anybody can say that. I don’t give a f–k, I don’t give a f–k who him waa have and who him waa f–k.”

She then emphasized just how prominent she still was in Kartel’s life.

Which one a unuh can go in a di bank!!!”, she said implying that none of these so-called ‘first ladies’ can go to the bank when it concerns Kartel’s financials.

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson on her birthday

Kartel’s last album, To Tanesha, was dedicated to Johnson — a fact that her friend on the Live reminded her about. “Everybody know seh ah you him seh, suh yuh nuh need fi ansa da person deh,” the friend said.

The Worl’ Boss has claimed that the album made $73 million JMD since its release in January.

Tanesha’s supporters also came to her defense and flooded her feed with reassuring comments, even insisting that she should ignore the baiters. Although one person said it wasn’t hate that was being aimed at her, people were just worried, saying, “Well u jus have to understand ppl are concern for your happiness.”

Shorty’s statements, while vague, did lend insight to the success of her long-standing relationship with the Worl’ Boss. It’s no secret that the Teacha’ has a way with the ladies, with a couple of baby mamas and one of the most extensive collections of gyal anthems under his belt, he is the epitome of a ‘gyallis.’

He has clearly been with many females, but Tanesha has remained a constant in his life. After all, they share three kids, but now we know definitively that she’s now okay with him having as many girls as he desires.

Jodi Couture Shows Off New 'Adidja' Tattoo – DancehallMagThe rumor mill among GAZA fandom has been turning at a pace since Kartel collaborated with Jodi Couture on Sky MapBackshot, and Never Walk Alone, which made it onto To Tanesha.  In December, the New York-based artiste showed off some new “Adidja” ink on her shoulder.

There’s also been wild speculation among fans that the presiding first lady of favour is now Lisa Mercedez.  Mercedez has collaborated with Kartel on two tracks recently, Real Love and Run Dancehall, and they’re about to drop a video for a new single called Our Girl.

Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson Says She Is Vybz Kartel's True First Lady ...Another single entitled Worl’ Boss is slated to feature on Kartel’s upcoming album Of Dons & Divas this month. While their recent teaming has been fruitful musically, there is no evidence to suggest that they are in a romantic relationship, but some fans prefer to think otherwise.

Perhaps, there’s a distinction to be made between the ‘First Lady of the Gaza Empire’ and the ‘First Lady’ of Kartel’s personal life.

Source: Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson Says She Is Vybz Kartel’s True First Lady – DancehallMag

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