Voted Best Vybz Kartel Collabs By Fans, But Fans Couldn’t Name Kartel’s Best Producer

NO MORE MUSIC FROM VYBZ KARTEL DUE TO CORONAVIRUSVybz Kartel has been quite busy administering online surveys on his Instagram page this week, and his Gaza Nation devotees are loving the interactions.

The incarcerated dancehall deejay’s quizzes have been centered on which Producer as well as male and female artistes, with whom he has collaborated, has added the greatest value to his musical offerings, over the last decade-and-a-half.

His first quiz, which he posted on Monday evening, centered on music producers and has so far, garnered the most interesting comments amongst the Gaza Nation.  The 44-year-old posted a collage of photos of music producers TJ of TJ Records, Don Corleone, Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, Rvssian and NotNice, and posed the question: “WHO PRODUCE THE BEST KARTEL?”

A slew of his entertainment fraternity colleagues responded, among them producer Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell of Downsound Entertainment.

“Disya one nuh easy.   TJ is a muss. Steven and NotNice tie fi second place,” Skatta said.

Kartel’s former stablemate Jah Vinci, declared NotNice as the winner, while Shawn Storm said TJ, who produced Kartel’s Gold-selling song Fever as well as Conjugal Visit which featured Dancehall Diva Spice; Real Badman and Infrared, was the top man.

Also commenting was St. Ann-based producer DinDin Hemton, who said it was very hard to make a selection and artistes Jesse Royal and Bugle who contended that selecting a top pick was almost impossible because all of the men had made indelible contributions.

“Breddda A Just Generations of Greatness!!! The Entire Journey is a Joy!!! Impossible fi Pick a Chapter from the Book!!!!” Jesse Royal said, while Bugle added: “Agree with @jesseroyal totally.  Everyone play their significant part on a very important journey what Dan Did Tj couldn’t do, vice versa with everyone else, GREATNESS.”

Kartel also seemed to be in agreement with Jesse Royal and company, as he, in responding to follower mitchy_g9’s question as to whom he believed produced his best song, quipped: “all a dem” and added a smiley icon.

There were some stalwart Gaza Fans, like mj_official1, who demonstrated that they had a deep knowledge of the artiste’s songs and the producers behind them, but could pick no clear winner.

“When it comes to bad man tune @digenius1; when it comes to fashion @rvssian: when it comes party @tjrecords; when it comes to good ghetto riddim, @notnicerecords; wen it comes raw dj @doncorleonie,” he noted.

Like mj_official1, kimdgazagurl shared the same sentiments, but said that because Kartel was a genius, he was able to work with almost any producer and still put out scores of dancehall classics.

“Vybz Kartel, yuh can’t mek we choose, because all a dem have some’n special.  Cause Don a d godfather weh gi we “Million dollar by a Morning”, ‘I neva”, ‘C mi a seh”.   I coulda go on… Stephen gi we “Careful”, “Whine 4 me”, “Come breed me”, “Workout”, “Broad daylight”.    NotNice d original gi we “Get wild”, “Pass mi gun”, “Somebody affi get gunshot”, “Street Vybz”, “Don’t Move”, “Thank u Jah”.   Mi can go on and on,” she said.

“Russian gi we go go club, straight jeans and fitted, “Clark’s 2”, “Get gal anywhere”, “Nuh Fraid”, “Life Sweet”… TJ mi dads gi we, “Fever”, “Come Home”, “Life”, “Real Badman”, “Watch Over Us”, “Infrared”, “VIP”, “Faith”, “Blackerberry, Business’, “Which League”, “Deh so it Deh” and so much fr*gging more,” she added.

Best Male/Female Collab

Kartel’s posts about his collaborations with artistes did not generate as much robust and detailed comments from his fans or his entertainment colleagues though.  The response to his question about which of his collabs with Spice, Gaza Slim, Kesh or Sheba was the best, elicited few responses from fellow stars.


The excitement came from Spice herself who responded: “Haffie me, bye” and Shawn Storm who declared: “afi seh Grace Tek dah one yah my don”.

His survey regarding who out of the quintet of Shawn Storm, Blak Ryno, Tommy Lee Sparta, Popcaan, or Jah Vinci, had produced the Best Gaza Male Collab seemed to have been avoided by his fellow artistes.


However, the concensus from fans seemed to be that the Clarks collab with Popcaan, which revolutionized Jamaican contemporary fashion, was the best.

Kartel’s seemed to agree with the fan consensus and followed up the surveys with clips of his music videos for Ramping Shop with Spice and Clarks with Popcaan and Gaza Slim.

He also appeared to have a choice for favorite producer when he shared a dance video clip of his single Fever with the hashtag TJ Records.

Source: Spice & Popcaan Named Best Vybz Kartel Collabs By Fans, But Who’s The Best Kartel Producer? – DancehallMag

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