Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson Tells Why She Stabbed Vybz Kartel With An Ice Pick

Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson Says She Is Vybz Kartel's True First Lady ...Vybz Kartel’s baby mama and longtime partner Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson is speaking on that time she stabbed the incarcerated deejay.

Since the inception of Vybz Kartel’s music career, fans have been hearing about the famous Tanesha, more commonly known as Shorty. He and his girlfriend of many years and mother of his three boys have a storied past and some of it is even documented in his songs. Now ten years after Kartel spoke lyrically about getting assaulted by Shorty with a deadly weapon, the Short Boss Muzik CEO is sharing her side of the story.

“Shorty ketch mi last night / Wid a fat brown gyal a standpipe / And she fling offa me wid a knife / Mi hug her up and seh dats alright / Cah yuh know you a di love a mi life / Nuh worry ’cause you a mi wife,” Vybz Kartel deejays in his hit song “Love Dem” from 2010. Now in a rare interview, Shorty is explaining what exactly transpired that night.

During an Instagram Live session with DJ Lava Sound, Shorty informed on herself when she said she did, in fact, stab the deejay rendering him debilitated and in need of medical attention. According to the woman who inspired the deejay’s January 2020 album “To Tanesha,” many years ago, before his conviction, there was a disagreement between her and Vybz Kartel that caused him to leave the house. Shortly after that, Shorty hopped in her car and did the same, sending the deejay a text to let him know that she was going home.

However, she had the spontaneous idea to take a taxi back to the house to see what exactly Adidja Palmer would be up to that night. As the story goes, Vybz Kartel returned home at around 1 A.M. that night with another woman. Shorty quickly devised a plan after spotting his car arriving on the security footage in the house, and moments later, she was standing in an inconspicuous corner of the foyer. When the dancehall star and his lady friend entered the premises, Shorty reportedly charged at them.

According to the deejay’s “first baby mada,” the other woman in question took off and didn’t even bother to look back at her shoes that she left behind. “So yuh see as him pull the grill now and come in, mi deh right a di corner and ting,” Shorty said. “Mi nuh bada gi him no time fi pull the house door and go in. Mi jus run out pon him wid mi ice pick.”

“Di gyal run gone down road, mi nuh know weh she tun. So him affi end up get weh she fi get,” Shorty added. She also shouted out dancehall artiste and Vybz Kartel’s loyal apprentice Shawn Storm who she says took the deejay to Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.

The interview was unusual for Shorty, who never really interacts much with the press. Many day-one Gaza fans satiated their desire for details with the record label owner’s story about the incarcerated deejay. It really validated his adventurous tone about their relationship. What do you think about Shorty’s revelation?

Source: Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson Details Why She Stabbed Vybz Kartel With An Ice Pick – Urban Islandz

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