Spice Drops By For Dinner At Majah Hype’s Mansion In The ATL

Spice: The Queen of dancehall's 9 key career momentsStill in Atlanta, Spice heads over to Majah Hype’s ‘mansion’ for a scrumptious seafood dinner with friends.

The Dumpling singer posted a short video clip on Instagram today of her visit with the widely hilarious comedian.

It appears Majah invited Spice to his home for a feast of giant lobsters and sea crabs … her favorite! In a striking lemon yellow outfit and her unfailing blue lace front, Spice can devours the insides of the crustaceans, quickly slitting through lengthy crabs legs with nifty scissors looking like a real pro.

Leave it to the unceremonious dancehall diva to tell you what’s really going down around the dinner table. Swallowing the last bits of her food, she says, “Majah mi naa lie, mi glad mi come outta mi house fi dis. Memba mi deh a Majah mansion, mi nu eat from people enuh, suh from uno see mi yesso a eat, yuh know how it go.”

Queen Of Dancehall Spice Pulls Another Publicity Stunt, It Quickly ...Not very trusting of who prepares her food, she let folks know just how sincere their friendship really is.

Majah also popped his head on camera to reiterate the same sentiments by saying, “A yuh know how di ting go, a nuh everybody forward over yah none a tall, but when dem forward a family and real friend … a nuh everybody get dah treatment yah, yuh understand.”

Still chomping down her meal and side dipping her crabmeat in butter sauce, Spice starts with her usual antics, “Who vex? Mi deh a Major mansion a eat lobster and crab… mm hm,” she says in a silly voice to jerk laughs from everyone.

She added more to the fun with her caption for the post, it read: “@majahhype thanks for inviting me over for dinner  #seafoodlover Mi know a true yuh want mi see the pool Inna yuh back yard and the hotel bed dem. @sadedaone she eat bout 6 lobster to rass, mi know Major nah invite we back.”

It seems the Black Hypocrisy singer needed the break to unwind and joke around with friends, and who better to do that with than, master rib-tickler Majah Hype.

Spice was busy this week in the streets of Atlanta supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and taking a knee with other protestors fighting for equal rights and justice since the horrific killing of George Floyd.
Spice joined protests in Atlanta over the killer of George Floyd.

As the protests continue for the next couple of days, there is no telling if she’ll return to lend her support. The dancehall queen does have a lot on her plate, even though it’s still quarantine times, launching her new cosmetics line Faces & Laces with Piano Palette eye makeup and Microphone Brush Set, taping her YouTube series Spice World, working on her upcoming album and being a mom … sometimes a lady needs a break!

Source: Spice Drops By For Dinner At Majah Hype’s Mansion In The ATL – DancehallMag

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