Skillibeng Trends With Bouncy New Track “She Love Esyde”

Skillibeng puts Brik Pan BrikSkillibeng drops some new heat for the summer.

Whether in the boot, on the stage of conducting an interview, dancehall artiste Skillibeng regularly represents for his family at Eastsyde Record. The deejay has once again taken it to the boot to give his latest tribute to the ladies and his camp, this time flipping the switch on the title. It seems he has reworked his March release titled, “Everybody Wah Know Bout EastSyde,” to provide this new track, “She Love Esyde.”

When it comes to the chorus, the track takes on a barebones approach which only contains the sparsely placed repetitive phrase “She Love Esyde.”

Never mind the minimalistic chorus, as Skillibeng delivers a couple of rich verses like he always does. The record label based in the eastern end of the island has been pushing out some terrific content as of late with Skillibeng and Rytikal being used as the outlets by which their banging productions are felt. No wonder Skilli sings, “A Eastsyde lock e road so me touch e street with the glock inna me clothes.”

The track is all about how the love the ladies have been showing to the Eastsyde gents and Skilli gets into that topic a bit in his second verse.

“Every gal wa sit pon me pole/ Dem a dash it out like how the shot dem inna the matic gout,” he deejays. Skilli gets a bit more explicit as the track runs which further showcases his creativity and his poetic abilities.

Go ahead and check out the lyric video for “She Love Esyde” by Skillibeng.

Source: Skillibeng Trends With Bouncy New Track “She Love Esyde” – Urban Islandz

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