Raine Seville Is Putting In Work Into Her Music

IG: Raine Seville (<a href=@RaineSeville) | Twitter" data-iml="5419" />Dancehall artiste Raine Seville says she has been putting her time in quarantine to good use and is more ready than ever to reclaim a place in the dancehall industry. The singjay told The Gleaner that she has been working with RDX and Mineral Boss Records, among other industry players, to add new elements to her craft, and has already released three new records.

“With so much time on my hands during the virus outbreak, I took the opportunity to quarantine inside the studio and do some work,” she said. “These new songs are the result of hard work, a new, sharper focus, and I just hope the fans are receptive.”

The new singles are Want It Rough, produced by Ireland Records; Community, produced by RDX; and Money A Mi Best Fren, produced by Mineral Boss Records. The entertainer says she has been enjoying the process of writing and recording, and is excited to see how a renewed sense of purpose will affect her career. “This time in the studio over the past few months reminded me of why I got into music. It has honestly been so much fun going through the creative process that I think I’ve fallen in love with music once more. I enjoyed putting the songs together, and I am looking forward to seeing how well they do,” she said.

Raine Seville’s new music is available on all streaming platforms.

Raine Seville | TheAudioDB.comPointing out that the entertainment space has suffered a lot due to the restrictions from COVID-19, Raine says, like many of her colleagues, she is excited to hit the road once again to promote her music. She explained that there is a strong yearning to perform for her fans once more. especially now that she has some new material. But the singer is still very cautious about the virus and wants everyone to continue doing what’s necessary to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones. “Like many artistes globally, I am affected by the inability to make money by performing at shows. Reggae is a performance-driven genre and so we are perhaps one of the most affected. However, we have to stay alive if we are expected to strive economically. So while we are disadvantaged, we have to work with it,” she said. “We will get back to doing what we love to do soon enough.”

Source: Raine Seville ready to reclaim her space | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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