Popcaan Drops New Single”Friends Like These” Banger

Trouble! Popcaan Shares Funny Video Of Fan Trolling Mavado ...Popcaan burn fake friends in his latest single “Friends Like These.”

Dancehall music is winning this weekend, and the Unruly Boss also sounds off with his “message to the homies” on “Friends Like These.” Popcaan returns with some subtly packaged words of wisdom on toxic, negative company and their evil intentions. ‘With friends like these, who needs enemies?’ he asks on the melodic, contemplative track released on June 26 on the Unruly Entertainment label. It’s a deep song with a timely warning to watch your surroundings and remain cautious of those claiming love and support. From the cover art to the cryptic lyrics, Poppy gets pensive on the new release, laying down line after truthful line over a slow, stirring instrumental.

The artwork for the single shows an outstretched arm with a superimposed snake reaching down to pull a waiting, desperate hand out of a hole. Unpacking the facts of such situations, where we can’t always see the ulterior motives of those offering assistance or praise, Popcaan lets off steam about the realities of trickery.

“Thats why mi stay inna my zone/ Dem will sell you out fi ah iphone/ Grandma seh di worl ah my own/ Never grudge di king fi him high throne/ When dem ah fight me, mi trust God/ Ghetto yute dem nuh like see when we buss, charge/ Wolf inna sheep clothes we nuh trust dawg/ From yuh nah wish good fi we den a muss bad..” he spits.

Delivered in true Popcaan style, the song has long passed the 100K mark on YouTube since its Friday premiere with fans leaving their approval in the comments. The premiere comes after the “Buzz” hitmaker teased the third installment of his ‘Abundant Life’ docuseries’, short films capturing and highlighting Popcaan’s close relationship with the most high. With this latest song, he sums up how that trust is his shield against “poisonous” human beings.

Source: Popcaan Warns Against Fake Friends In “Friends Like These” Banger – Listen – Urban Islandz

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