Mackerel Killin’ It On Instagram Ready To Tek Wey People Man

Instagram celebrity Ladaisha Francis aka ‘Mackerel,’ is serving hot looks on social media, now looking like a Red Snapper. In what would seem to be her best pics ever, the aspiring comedian is looking quite refined, and do we dare to say…stunning?

Prettified in an auburn colored, bob-cut wig with heavy bangs and a crochet two-piece yellow swimsuit, Mackerel is all charged up and ready to take your man.

The 19-year-old became famous last year after she released an Instagram video about being a certified man-snatcher. Her infamous tagline ‘people man nice ah comfahtable’ took social media by storm. The sight of an unassuming looking young girl from the inner city speaking so confidently about “tekkin people man” was appalling yes but for some reason was one of the funniest spoofs ever seen.

She immediately morphed into a celebrity, making guest appearances at parties locally and abroad, being featured on talk shows, modeling, and even released a couple of tracks, A So Mi and Tek Weh People Man (Goodie Goodie). She has also inspired other tracks by Gage, Something Bout Yuh, and appears in the music video as well as GangGoolie’s rendition Tek Weh People Man.

Mackerel has been loving every bit of her newfound fame, especially when it involves getting glammed up. Since her video went viral, her social media presence has blossomed and has served as an outlet to show off her new and improved looks.

It seems she has finally found the right touches to boost her image, or Fairy Godmothers truly exist. Mackerel looks completely transformed in her most recent photos on Instagram. Perhaps with the enhancements of colored contact lens and those extreme lashes, her gaze is quite sultry. Biting on her long bedazzled acrylic nails in one of the photos also adds to this unusual and surprising mesmerizing appeal.

These perks, along with her impeccable smooth complexion and toned physique, Mackerel is looking pretty sizzling.

On the real though, kudos to the team, Foevastylist Beauty Zone (@foevastylistbeautyzone1) that did her hair, Glam By Oneil (@Glambyoneilmua6618) for her makeup, SherNail (@shernails32) for her nails and Dane Visuals (@Dane_visuals) for a photoshoot well done.

Check out the new and improved Mackerel below –

Source: Mackerel Killin’ It On Instagram With New Makeover Photos – DancehallMag

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