Lisa Mercedez Says Vybz Kartel Is Her Man, We Are Waiting To Hear What Kartel Says

Vybz Kartel Enrolls Lisa Mercedez For 'Run Dancehall' New SongDancehall artiste Lisa Mercedez may not be claiming the ‘First Lady of GAZA’ title, but she is certainly declaring that she is Vybz Kartel’s actual girl.

This may not be an issue for the other female members of the Empire, namely Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, Lisa Hyper, or even Jodi Couture, who have all been at each other’s neck these last few days, bickering about their dominance in the Worl’ Boss’s life.

Tensions are still high as the GAZA leader has not declared the true recipient of the title. However, there is one thing the ladies all have no beef about, and that is ‘sharing’ the Worl’ Boss.

Lisa Hyper may have had a more convincing case in snatching the title, but she made it clear in a recent online rant that not only was she a casual lover of the incarcerated deejay, but even a more’ understanding’ one.

Lisa Mercedez Says Vybz Kartel Is Her Man – DancehallMagShorty said, no matter how many girls come and go, “I am his first Lady.” While Couture, in a Live chat with Instagram personality Markie Markland (@markiemarkland_), argued that she would be a fool to think she was the only one, the Worl’ Boss in his right “suppose to have 25 million gal.”

Well, consider Lisa Mercedez, ’25 million and 1’ and the most recent addition.

She had a very interesting interview with DJ Lava yesterday on his Live quarantine show Chat and Laugh. Lisa was asked by fans watching the show to spill the beans on who her new man is now, considering she called it quits with former flame Stylo G.

Lisa Mercedez

Mercedez wasted no time in the announcement that even took Lava by surprise.

Lisa said, “Suh mi man is Adidja Azim Palmer.” New to the relationship, the London-based dancehall artiste asked if she had pronounced his name correctly and to further validate to the viewers precisely who she was talking about, proceeded to spell out his name.

Lava, still stumped by her statement, asked, “Mi nu waa really get too much in a yuh personal love life right… suh dats Vybz Kartel yuh talkin about?” to which she answered, “Yeh Vybz Kartel, aka Worl’ Boss, yeh.”

Lisa Hyper, who was recently on Lava’s show a couple days before was apparently tuned in to Mercedez’ interview, she commented “Whampn to Stylo G Mumma?”

More interestingly, Lisa confirmed what many already knew; she has never met Kartel in person, and while people may find fault in that, she insisted that the spiritual connection they share is ‘just crazy,’ suggesting their love is stronger than many.

“It’s not a delusional thing,” she said.

“Lava mi can ask yuh something? Yuh ever talk to a girl yet and yuh just have this mad, spiritual connection wid har? The thing is, yuh nah fi meet somebody to have that spiritual connection and it just feels like you and da person deh did deh in a next lifetime? A da connection deh mi have wid Vybz Kartel… so sometimes people might seh, ‘oh, she nuh meet him yet’ and rae rae but mi a go meet him soon.”

She went on to say that she couldn’t wait on the COVID-19 restrictions to be over with so that she could jump on a plane and into the arms of her new beau.

Mercedez was featured in Kartel’s video for “Our Girl,” released today, and previously collaborated with the Worl’ Boss on Run Dancehall and another track called Real Love.  She also appears on his upcoming album, Of Dons & Divas, slated for release on June 26, 2020.

The singer received death threats in March after revealing she had returned to her Islamic faith, and still intended to continue her dancehall career. She was later forced to delete her music video for Shahada, which had offended some Muslims because of its use of a prayer from the Koran.

Check out the interview here –

Source: Lisa Mercedez Says Vybz Kartel Is Her Man – DancehallMag

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