Learn More About Shenseea, She’s Cooking Up Steam Fish & Okra

Shenseea Hits Back At Bodyshammers After Jamaica Carnival | Magic ...Beauty, brains, talent … and she cooks! Dancehall artiste Shenseea flexes her cooking skills on Fuse TV’s Made From Scratch by whipping up a favourite local dish, steamed fish and okra with Excelsior water crackers.

The Made From Scratch segment is just one of Fuse TV’s many shows and tends to feature hot personalities so that viewers can get a sneak peek into their lives. Going inside their homes, celebs will share traditional family recipes and foods they grew up eating, alongside the people who know them best and helped to make them who they are today.

The June 16th episode featured the Blessed singer with her bestie Ashley at her home in Kingston, Jamaica. As Shenseea brought out the Red Snappers (her preference to the other common Parrot fish) and began tossing on the powdered seasonings along with a little black pepper and salt, she went on to tell us about where she grew up.

“So I grew up in Golden Spring, you know Lane Pass… is what we would call the ‘hood’ here in Jamaica.” In high school, she met Ashley in 10th grade and they’ve been friends ever since, which would sum up 9-years of friendship between the two.

Jadom427tv on Instagram: “#shenseea” (With images) | Swag outfits ...Even though Ashley said that they loved partying and would go out a lot, Shenseea said her favourite memory from back then was sleeping over her friend’s house and watching late-night movies and often cooking… well, she would cook and Ashley would eat!

Biography: ShenseeaFast-forward to today and Ashley is the ShengYeng boss’s assistant. It’s an easygoing role Ashley says, “She mostly goes into boss mode but I have to know the difference between work time and play time. So if I’m doing a mistake or anything and she corrects me, I don’t really feel anyway about it or get defensive or anything.”

Shenseea said her love for cooking emerged at a young age from watching her aunt put it down in the kitchen. Her aunt’s recipes and style of cooking has stayed with her to this day and even the way she cuts her vegetables is exactly the same.

Her love for music also started at an early age she said, “I’ve always wanted to become an artiste, from ever since I discovered my talent and dat was about like … probably like 7 or 6 years old.” After she had her son Rajeiro, 4 years ago, it pushed her to finally chase her dreams. Ashley wasn’t the least bit surprised that she became the sensation she is today, “Surprised? No not surprised, because she was always popular in high school, she was always known…”

Shenseea and Rajeiro Lee

The ShengYeng queen said her musical style is often inspired by her many moods as well as the kind of people she sometimes hang out with. She continued to reveal her ‘top fav’ singles and why, Foreplay and The Sidechick Song because she feels they were some of her best-written work and Blessed with Tyga since it was her first big international collab.

Back to the pot… 

Dropping in the final ingredients of pumpkin, carrots, Irish potatoes and okras, Shenseea shows viewers a little secret to boosting the flavour of her pot – stuffing the veggies inside the head of the fish! She later adds the water crackers on top for what looks like a scrumptious, lip-smacking meal for two.

Watch the full episode of Made From Scratch with Shenseea below for more about her feelings of living abroad and wanting to be as big as Rihanna!

Source: Watch Shenseea Cook Up Steam Fish & Okra For Fuse TV – DancehallMag

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