D’Angel Finally Responds To Bounty Killer’s  ‘Worst Comparison’ Statement

D'Angel pays homage to Lady Saw in new video | BuzzTwo days after her ex-lover Bounty Killer declared D’Angel the ‘worst comparison’ to Claudia, his current spouse, the Ramp Ruff artiste has made a tacit clap back.

On Monday, Bounty Killer, posted a photograph of himself and Claudia at his 48th birthday party, which was held last week Friday in Kingston. He objected to comments made by a follower that his lady love had a stark resemblance to D’Angel.

In no uncertain terms, the Warlord had rebuked the follower and declared that she ought to ‘wake up’ and ‘wash out her eyes’, as the two women were ‘far wide and apart in resemblance’ and so claiming Claudia and D’Angel were lookalikes, was the worst comparison she ‘could’ve ever made’.

Bounty Killer and girlfriend Claudia

Yesterday, in one of her Vogue Challenge photographs, D’Angel, having got wind of the ‘’ diss” implicitly indicated that she was displeased, even though she did not address Bounty frontally.

“You got it damn right! No one can be compared to me! Back to being fabulous, booked and busy,” she captioned the photo.

D’Angel’s fans, those of whom knew of Bounty’s earlier remarks, came out in defense of the Stress Free singer.

One fan, zookid4 heaped praises on the entertainer, claiming her level of ‘hotness’ was unsurpassable, noting: “Like the first part of your caption.  So right, different levels we talking about @dangelmusic. There’s comparison then levels.  Look how you hot.  Jah know,” he said.

Seemingly pleased with that comment D’Angel responded: “@zookid4, right? We are not the same! No.”

When kay_wanderland poked fun at Bounty Killer, stating: “@dangelmusic amen. You look real good.  So lean mouth and his scare dem crew woman can stay behind the fence,” D’Angel ‘liked’ that comment.

Other fans told D’Angel that she should not pay attention to Bounty Killer’s comments, as he had been baited into making that response, by mischievous IG followers.

“Angel me love you, but you could have kill the topic with something positive.  You don’t need this drama right now.  People Dem love too much drama that’s why Dem even mention u name pon de man birthday.  Bate Dem set fe Killa say something then get u involved,” one fan said.

Other followers like ithzkimmyboo, decided to stoke the fire and were more explicit and forceful in their comments.

“Bounty gyal nuh have a ting ova u… one BBC Angel… u name so for a reason,” she said, while lami_p said the Warlord had passed his place. “Bright and out a order.  No comparison round here.  She can never stand next to you not even Kerry Hilson,” she declared.

One man, Lindsay.robinson3532, however, slapped D’Angel with a sharp rebuke. “Angel stop it.  You love 2 much drama,” he retorted.

Verbal tiff aside, D’Angel, who is a former Miguel model, was bombarded with praises for her Vogue Challenge images and accompanying video, in which she sashays along streets in sections of New Kingston.

The St. Catherine High School old girl also sought to declare that she was a ‘supermodel’ and the queen of the runway in her first photo which she captioned: “The catwalk is my domain.   Who said I left? The challenge is only over when Michelle owner shuts it down, and that’s Vogue!’

In the 54-second video clip, she stated: “I strut, I pose, I serve.  Ripping the friggin runway like that chick Naomi!  Supermodel from birth! My first steps were legendary but the haters won’t tell you that! Never been fired, never retired.”

When one fan remarked that he always saw D’Angel as a model as opposed to a dancehall artiste, due to her having the ‘face and the body’, the Spanish Town native made it clear she believed she was multi-talented.

“Once a model always a model I’ll never retire. I’m that Thing call TRIPPLE THREAT. Artist, Model, Actress,” she declared.

Source: D’Angel And Fans Clap Back At Bounty Killer For ‘Worst Comparison’ Diss – DancehallMag

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