Beenie Man Addresses Police Running In “Do You Want To Be That Guy” Song

9 of Beenie Man's Hip Hop Collaborations Ranked From Worst to Best ...Beenie Man released a new song amidst his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killer.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man is really maximizing on the recent attention that he’s garnered from the Verzuz battle. Together with Bounty Killer, Beenie Man produced several memeable moments during the recent Instagram Live session which reached millions of people across multiple continents. In addition to Bounty Killer giving a hilarious shout out to Rihanna and Beenie’s questionable dance move, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Dancehall’ really hit the jackpot of viral moments when he dismissed the police officers who showed up to end the party early.

Beenie Man | a moment that has been circulating online, Beenie Man asked the officers, “Do you really wanna be that guy?” when they attempted to shut down what was quite possibly the biggest performance of his career to date. The “Girl Dem Suga” artiste has been perpetuating the crack online ever since with fans who have been reminiscing about the viral moment.

Now Beenie Man aims to capitalize on the spotlight that is currently on him even further. In a new song that was just released today (June 3), the deejay centers the chorus around his new signature catchphrase “Do You Want To Be That Guy?”

“Right there in front the world eyes / Here come these two police guys / Dem intention never that wise / So mi ask ‘do you wanna be that guy?’ / Fi stop dancehall from rising high / Mi ask dem ‘do you wanna be that guy?’ / Fi stop di Jamaican flag from fly / Do you really wanna be that guy?” Beenie Man sings on the track.

As usual, Beenie Man praises himself as the “king” of the genre in the song as well. He also showers Bounty Killer with respect and shares a little about his music career history claiming, “might arrogant but we a di best fi eva do dis.”

Did Beenie Man find a hit with this one or is he just overdoing his 10 minutes of social media fame at this point?

Source: Beenie Man Addresses Police Running In “Do You Want To Be That Guy” Song – Urban Islandz

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