Sean Kingston Explains Why His Cars Were Removed From Home In Jamaica

Sean Kingston Badly Injured Jet Ski Crash | HuffPostA video has been circulating online since yesterday which shows several Vehicles being removed from Sean Kingston’s property in Jamaica.

Persons in the video were stating that the cars were being taken by a large number of law enforcers “Bruk dung all di man gate and guh een star” said the person who made the video, this lead to most persons speculating that the cars were being seized or repo.

While addressing the matter Sean Kingston posted a video of himself with several other vehicles overseas in the USA, Mama Kingston who is Sean Kingston’s nother later posted a status online bashing the next door construction workers who video the content and made several bad comments.

Sean Kingston's Music Royalties in Danger of Being Seized Over ...Sean Kingston states that his phone was flooded with calls after the video went viral.

“Stop ask me bout house a Jamaica” He states that something was wrong with two of his car engines and that’s the reason why the cars were removed. They were removed by a wrecker because they could not drive.

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